Monday, August 21, 2006

It's lonely out there with all those people

This morning was experiment with gels, walking throug water breaks, and post run meals. Oh, and I did 8 miles, too. :)

3:15 am - Alarm goes off (need to leave by 3:45)
3:45 - actually get out of bed after 3 snooze procedures
4:15 - depart for Memorial Park
4:45 - arrive at park and change shoes
5:00 - begin 8 mile run
7:08 - complete run and depart

This turned out to be a pretty good schedule only I was 30 minutes behind from the very beginning. Darn snooze!

So, 8 miles, a season distance PR and 1 mile off lifetime distance PR. Splits:
Total distance: 8 miles Total time: - 2:10:23
Avg pace - 16:17 min/mile
Avg HR - 153 (75% HRreserve)
Mile 1 - 15:55
Mile 2 - 15:55
Mile 3 - 16:48 (bathroom break, Gel break, water/gatorade stop)
Mile 4 - 16:44 (overran the 3 mile mark and turned around, shower break, water break)
Mile 5 - 15:55 (water break)
Mile 6 - 16:45 (water break, gel break. water/gatorade stop)
Mile 7 - 17:18 (shower stop, 3x1 minute walk breaks, water stop)
Mile 8 - 15:00 (finished strong)

Not very tough mentally this morning, IMO. I think I really could have benefited from running with someone today. So many runners passing by but I felt a little lonely out there this morning. It was a long 2+ hours. Still, it gave me some time to think. Mentally, mile 7 was the toughest. I think I was saving something for the last mile or something. I took 3, 1-minute walk breaks. I wasn't really out of breath and my HR was low, about 75% HRreserve. I was just tired. Not making excuses because I'm happy with my run but The 4 and a half hours' sleep and the poor nutrition on the Saturday fishing trip probably played a factor.

On a good note, I think the run could have been worse if it weren't for the experimental substances that I partook of during the run. I had my first gel about 45 minutes into my run. At that time, I was feeling kind of tired, almost like a mini-bonk! Not long after the gel and some gatorade/water that I stashed on the hood of my car, I felt rejuvenated. Mile 4 had it's minor problems just after taking the gel. I actually missed my turnaroud so that added about 15 seconds to the split. Also, I stopped at the shower and cooled off and then stopped at the waterfountain just at the end of the mile 4. But mile 5 felt really good. I could tell the gel was helping. In fact, I walked through a water break on mile 5 at the Memorial Dr. crosswalk and still had a 15:55. The intent of the remainder was to just finish and get to my easy recovery week. I finished the last mile pretty strong. It felt good but it hurt. Not the lungs som much. I was just tired.

All in all it was a great morning. I learned a little about carb supplements. I think I'll take my first at about 30 minutes next time. I had lowfat chocolate milk for a post run meal. I chafed in some places I haven't chafed before. So, that's one for the logs


Humble Runner said...

Email me, I'll run with you. Congrats on the distance!

Anonymous said...

You've discovered what happens when take a gel or some form of carbs during a run. Namely, your liver is able to deliver some food to the brain and all the fog disappears.

On a long run, my Fig Newtons are as important as my shoes. I buy shorts with pockets in them, so I can put the Fig Newtons in a Baggie (not a Ziploc).

As far as being lonely, figure out a way to make lemonade from your lemons.

Great on the eight!


ravenclawprefect said...

Sounds like you have a great run! I have thought about gels but am going to try the sport jelly beans first.

Way to go!

Bon said...

Fantastic Vic! I firmly believe in gels. Some runners think they don't do much but I always feel better about 15 minutes after taking one. You're right, it's important to start them early. I also love rinsing off during a run. I usually soak myself in the dog-watering-faucets along my typical routes. Get some weird looks, but I always feel great the next mile.

jamoosh said...

Good show and some education to boot. No need to parrot what others have said above me.

Barbara said...

Wow - you were up at 3:15 in the morning to run? I think that wins the award for this season's running so far.

It's such a help to figure out what works best on what to take on runs, when to eat/drink it, etc.

Way to go!

atownrunner said...

wow. what can i say? I mean, even Barbara was impressed at what time you woke up to run.
way to go vic, you sexy-eyed thang you.

Donna said...

Wow - great job. This body doesn't get out of bed at 3:15 for anything! Kudos to ya :)

When I decide to take on more than 3 miles I'll remember to take some gel.

TX Runner Girl said...

Great job on the run! Sounds like a great 8 miles!

Running Rabbit said...

Good JOB!!!!