Wednesday, August 16, 2006

For the minimalist...

This post is for all the minimalists out there...Jon, you're not going to like this. James, you probably will.

Ran this morning for about 35 minutes.
Felt good.

...Why are you still reading? That's it!

Really, that's it. Have a nice day!


5 comments: said...

Vic, actually I identify you and Barbara as our most precise members. I think people think I am, but I'm not even in your ball park - and that's a compliment.

I probably need to, but I don't. I didn't succeed this year on my warm weather training; therefore, it will have to come next year.

The way I see it is that my family has a history of the men living for a long period of time (great grandfather, 97; my grandfather is 83 right now, dad is 59, I'm 39) ... I'll be running for awhile. I hope!

It was so good to see you back out there and finishing a race and I considered myself fortunate to pop up from my senses (with all that was going on) to be able to be there at the finish line.

If I were in town more, I'd be able to be out there a little bit more during the week.

Keep at it, Vic!

Sarah said...

Jon's comment is longer than your post. ;)

Barbara said...

You are too funny Sarah! Oh gee, now I'm feeling like I should write more than Jon, just so I look like I am keeping up with the....oh never mind.

Started to write keep up with the Jones. Then started to write keep up with the Jons (to be funny) but that I'm a hooker!

I have actually backed off from last fall. I used to post the splits for every single run. It's not that I don't have them - sadly, I do.

But I know how much you love to hear that I've worn my heart rate monitor, so in deference to you I now keep my mid-run info to time, average pace, distance, and average heart rate.

I go all out on the long runs - the average temperature, the humidity, the grade level of the highest hill....

Now I fill my weekly runs with non-running info. Have I ever mentioned that the time I spent in college was all economics classes, all the time? And that I still use my vast knowledge on the subject in my daily job?

What joy filled my heart this morning when I was able to send someone an email that said in part "Your question appears to be more macro oriented, which is an important part of the decision as well. However, our results should be based on the analysis done at the micro level which I provided last week."

I like running. I like kickboxing. But I love my trumpets and I love numbers! Numbers are our friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Brevity rocks.


TX Runner Girl said...

Very succint and concise Vic! :-) Sorry, I won't be trying to make my comment longer than Jon's. Glad you had a good run!