Monday, August 14, 2006

Awesome fun 7-miler

Wish I had more time and was as excited now as I was this morning after this run. Maybe this post would be longer and give more details. But even though I just giving the down and dirty, this was by far in my opinion my best long run to date.

Total distance - 7 miles
Total time - 1:49:07
Avg pace - 15:35 min/mile
Avg HR - 153 bpm Mile 1 - 15:50 (139 bpm)
Mile 2 - 15:58 (147 bpm)
Mile 3 - 15:58 (151 bpm)
Mile 4 - 15:43 (155 bpm)
Mile 5/6 - 30:37 (15:18 avg) (158 bpm)
Mile 7 - 14:59 (160 bpm)

The highlight of the run was running into Doug on one of his walking days. So, he walked while I ran. I've been hearing so many of you running with friends and it really made a difference having someone to talk to. Kind of kept me steady. I really enjoyed talking to Doug for the last 4+ miles. Remember, Doug, it's all about the shortcuts.:)


TX Runner Girl said...

WTG on your 7-miler! I've missed reading your blog for the past week...darn that hotel internet access!!! sounds like you are still doing great!

Barbara said...

Oh there's your 7 miler! Duh - should've read this one first. Way to go!