Monday, August 28, 2006

Started weight training

I started some beginner weight training yesterday. I found a web site that I like called The Training Station, Inc. I'm going to follow the beginner's workout plan. I like it because it starts out slow, with 1 set x 15 reps and 12 exercises the first week. Just the basics. There are printouts for each week (6 weeks for the beginner program). From week to week, the exercised are changed up a bit, too.

Bill was talking about running on a treadmill the other day. For my warmup and cooldown, I did some treadmill running. I actually enjoyed it. Like Bill, I'm not sure if the thing is calibrated correctly. I think Bill was feeling like he was faster than the computer was saying. I felt like I was slower than what the computer was saying. I was running at about 14:30 pace according to the computer but felt like I was running well over 15:00. The effort really felt easy. Another thought is that the temp in the gym was set to 67 degrees. If that's what a little cooler temp and a controlled humidity does for me, well bring on the cooler temps. That's going to be awesome.

This leads me to a question. Should I record my warmup and cooldown in my running log when I lift weights? I ended up running 1.35 miles in the total of 20 minutes warmup + cooldown. I guess I defintely want these miles recorded for my shoes. But should they be recorded as training miles? What does everyone else do? I know, I know. Who really cares, right? Just do what I want to do, right? I'm just curious what others do.

So, the plan for the week:
Mon - 35 minute easy run
Tuesday - 45 minute hill workout (3 McKeown's) at the Hwy. 6 levee
Wednesday - weights in the am
Thursday - 30 minute tempo run
Friday - rest
Saturday - 9 miles


JustJunebug said...

if it a warmup to weights I dont count it.

JustJunebug said...

oh and for the record, i dont know of hardly any gyms that have their treadmills calibrated correctly.

I KNOW that I go further on ours at my apt gym than what it says i have done, but i just go with it.

TX Runner Girl said...

Thanks for the info about weight training. It's been a couple of weeks since doing any, so I want to take a look at those exercises.

Steve Bezner said...

If I run without any assistance (i.e. crutches, car, another person, wheel chair) then I count it!!

I believe it was Dirtrunner who said there are only two types of miles, those you have run and those haven't run yet.

(oh yeah, always round up!)

Bar-Bar-A said...

I count 'em. First of all, because as Steve knows, Rick is always right! No seriously, I gotta count what I can since I'm not one of those 50-miles a week kind of people.

Why do I count it? A couple of reasons. First and foremost, a mile here, a mile there - that too adds up on your shoes. We start speed work next week and even doing odd intervals I'll still note my total mileage for each post because then it helps me track when I've reached 350-400 miles on my shoes.

Also, I consider my warm-up mile to be just as important as the rest and if I'm slowly increasing the speed of my warm-up, then noting it and putting that info to good use is a good thing.

Don't forget to set the incline to 1.5 or 2% if you use the treadmill on a regular basis to get a more realistic representation of running on the road.

jamoosh said...

Count it. Done!

Jill said...

I would count it. A mile is a mile - anyway you can get it!

I have been taking a strength class the last month or so and I think it has helped me quite a bit.

Good luck and keep up the GREAT work. You are going to reach that 13:45 mile in no time!