Thursday, August 03, 2006

Am I maried???

Doug, you ask if I'm married to my HRM. Well, actually you asked if I'm a slave to it. Is that the same thing? I ain't going there. :) I don't feel a "slave" to it. I use it for informational purposes. But I also use it as a general guide on long runs. I'm finding out with this training that I'm just learning right now. I'm starting to realize that this sport is not a sport where you read a book, follow the instructions, and execute the workout/race. It's kind of exciting. So, to answer your question, my HRM is something I use for information and somewhat as a guide. I think the more I learn as a runner, the more useful my HR monitor will be. I figure to know about running and more importantly to know about Vic, running, I need information from training runs, HR monitor, racing at various distances, and experts/coaches/experienced runners for any of this to be consistent and to make sense. Right now, I have 2 or 3 races under my belt, a little bit of aerobic base training, some HR monitor numbers that don't make a lot of sense to me right now, and a bunch of information from web sites and "experts". What I lack is extensive racing experience at various distances, any racing experienct at distances > 5K, training experience. I have a lot to learn. :) I like that.


Anonymous said...

As long as your wife doesn't get jealous.


Humble Runner said...

Seldom will you see me without my Garmin. It took a long time, but I finally learned it is a tool. It is ONLY a tool. Well, actually it's more of a TOY.
I've yet to see garmin lace my shoes and push me out the door. I started enjoying my garmin a lot more when I stopped worrying about the accuracy and dependability.

My 2cents.

DSpeer said...

I just learned to put black tape over the face of my garmin. Keeps me from being a slave to it, but I still get all of its utility. Win/win. I think if you use it to better your running, go for it!