Saturday, August 26, 2006

I posted before Bar-bar-a!!!

This is just a post before Bar-ba-ra. I really feel like I've accomplised something now. Off to Cullen Park for an easy 6 miles. What's so easy about 6 miles?


Anonymous said...

"What's so easy about 6 miles?"

It's not 20 miles.


Bar-Bar-A said...

Darn it! It's so unfair! I was awake, I was up and dressed....I was just reading the paper instead of blogging.

I decided not to throw in anything before our 6-miler this morning so I'm just goofing around until the appointed time.

Vic said...

Good point, Doug!

You're so competitive, B.

Holden said...

It's Bar-Bar-A by the way.