Monday, August 13, 2007


Mother nature had me in a chokehold tonight as I battled to get through tonight's boot camp. I made it through the warmup and just over halfway through the boot camp and then cried, "UNCLE!!!". I was just done. Actually, it was partly the heat and partly that things just didn't feel right. Going into my second set of body weight squats, my knees just felt weak and there was a little pain. That's when I knew I was done.

No excuses or apologies for tonight. I got a GREAT workout in tough conditions. I'm way ahead of where I would have been had I just stayed home tonight. The boot camps have given me a lot of confidence, not to mention the noticeable fitness gains, even over a short period of time. So, no worries about tonight's abbreviated workout. I still got in 3 and a half miles. My pushups are getting a lot better. My crunches are improving. I'm doing more reps then when I started. Who knows? One day I may even be able to do a pullup.

Fun times!!!


Anonymous said...

August in Houston, what a concept. After a short break, Hell week continues Thursday and Saturday, and then, and's RECOVERY WEEK!


txrunnergirl said...

Great job at getting out there in this heat! Hang in anothe month or so we should be rewarded with some cooler temps!

jamoosh said...

Knowing when to stop is just as important as your resolve to get out there. Keep doing the smart way! Great job.