Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I definitely needed an easy run tonight. Delayed onset of PAIN from Tuesday night's boot camp started creeping into my muscles around 3 pm and was in full force by the time 7 o'clock rolled around. In an odd way, I was feeling pretty good and set out at about a 12:30 pace. I proceeded to do about 1.8 trail miles and brought it in with a 13:10 mile.

Excellent turnout tonight and good times were had by all. Lots of new faces like Randi, who's training for her first marathon. I can't wait to hear about it. And my good buddy Jack brought me some singlets leftover from the old PIM days. 2X, you know. I told him those would get me through the next month or two but I'll very soon be in a 1X.

Speaking of weight, I thought I'd give a report. My trend weight has finally gone under 300 as the spreadsheed showed 299.9. My acutal weight this morning was 295 and I've been in under 300 everyday this week. Here's what the past couple months look like:

Gotta like that consistent, gradual downward slope since early July, huh? By the way, my goal is 2 lbs per week, with a final marathon goal weight of 250. I'll end this week right on track, no doubt.

Time to get these tired muscles to bed.


Pat said...

the weight graph looks great. keep up the good work. I'm starting to lose some more weight too.


jamoosh said...

250! By gosh that sounds like it will be an automatic PR!!! Keep it going downward.

Mom tried decaf once said...

That this the kind of trend we love to see!! Good work!!

Christy said...

Love that downward trend! Great work Vic!!!