Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting Fired up for the 5K

Monday will be my first race this Fall and I'm looking for a sign of things to come. I said in January that one of my goal for the year was to PR at every distance and my marathon ambitions are quite lofty so I'm looking for something dramatic to kick this whole thing off. Of course, I still need to manage expectations, chill out a bit, know that this is the sport of running and anything, absolutely anything can happen in a race. But I want to give myself every chance to really nail this 5K.

Of course, since I am training for the Houston Marathon and that is my #1 goal race, training must continue through all of the races between now and then. That means a long run on Saturday, probably a tough Track-Long-Track workout with the SMARTies. I've been concerned that I may not be recovered from that by race time Monday morning. So, I e-mailed Catherine the Great to see what she would suggest nutrition-wise to maximize my recovery and be ready for Monday. Here's what she replied:

Here's the scoop. I would do Endurox within 30 minutes after your long run on Saturday. Have you ever used it before? Then two hours later eat a balanced meal. The rest of the day just eat healthy like you normally would :) On Sunday, eat your typically healthy balanced meals, but it is okay to go over your calories by 250-300 calories. Then Monday, eat what you normally do on race day and you should be great. I think a bigger factor than the food is hydration so make sure to drink a lot of water starting Friday thru Monday.

So, I got some of this Endurox last night at the store for post-long run on Saturday. We'll see how it goes.


jen said...

Hey Vic! I'm glad you'll be at the TLT (ack!) run on Saturday. What time are you getting there? I was thinking about getting there early to try getting some extra miles in (or start my warmup early), but I'm not sure about running alone in Cullen Park that early.

And thanks for that link to Catherine - I think Lee Greb mentioned attending her seminar once. And I'm interested in your review of Endurox.

Jen :)

txrunnergirl said...

Catherine is awesome! Good luck with the 5k this weekend. I know you'll do great!

PMW said...

Good luck on your long run and 5K this weekend. I too, am doing a long run on Saturday and a 5K Monday morning. We'll see hwo that goes.


WADDLER26.2 said...

Good luck on your 5K.

CurrentlyVince said...

Just wanted to wish you luck on Monday. I'll be there, mainly looking forward to whatever I'm capable of. Your right, anything can happen in a race!

Vince (aka "slugline" over on Runner's World online)