Friday, August 03, 2007

Blood Pressure Boiling!!!

Yesterday evening found me in a frantic dash through traffic and the streets of Fairfield, trying to get all the way home from work, get dressed, and get all the way out to TH Park for another round of Boot Camp, Schedule A.

My original plan had me resting today as I was still very sore from Tuesday's round and had a good workout on Wednesday. But after e-mailing coach during the day yesterday, he assured me that there were many others having the same thoughts out there but that after a warmup and silly walks, I would be good to go and ready for round 2. Besides, the sense of accomplishment, enduring two Boot Camp sessions in one week, would be worth the pain, right?

So, I'm thinking I'll just sneak out of work around 4:15 or 4:30 and drive all the way home (to Cypress), change, eat a snack, gather my belongings, and head over to the park. At 5:15, I still had not left work. But, I was determined!!! I was nimble getting out of the garage and onto the Beltway but at right at the Memorial exit, the traffic came to a standstill. It was stop and go all the way to 290 and Hwy 6. But there was still hope. I hopped out of the car at my home at 6:30. Got dressed, gathered my things and booked it out the door. Got in the car. Ooops, forgot socks. Went back in. Ran back out with socks. Oops, I'm starving and need to get something to eat. Got something to take with me and then back to the car. Ooops, I got paged for work. But I'm off...

Thanks to the new wireless card that we got from work, I can be on the internet anywhere. So, I'm flying down 290, logged onto the MH network, trying to troubleshoot an instrument interface problem, calling the customer, logging my comments, just trying to live through the daredevil driving. I'm finally on Barker Cypress because I know there's construction on Hwy 6. It's 6:freakin' 50. I finally accepted the fact that I wasn't going to be close to making it, even if I skipped the warmup and silly walks. Besides, that's an important part of the workout and I didn't want to jump into intervals and boot camp, not warmed up.

So, I went home and spent the evening with the family. I'm looking forward to nailing tomorrow's workout, especially after two day's rest. Later.


Anonymous said...

Lil' Vic,

There would have been more suprises after you arrived. It poured in West Houston and every potential patch of ground was muddy. So we replaced the boot camp with 16 x 30/30. The humidity was oppressive to say the least but everybody delivered.


Tiggs said...

I HATE Houston traffic! I've only had to drive in real traffic like that a few times in the last 5 years (and two of those times were this week!!) and if I had to do it daily I would probably have had a stroke or been arrested by now! LOL!