Friday, August 24, 2007

LSD'n like I knew what I was doing

It's been about a month since I've done any kind of long run. I did 9 miles on July 15 and a couple of 6 milers here and there since then. That's about it. I've been telling myself that it's ok because I've been getting a lot of quality stuff in and have been working on my core. But sooner rather than later, it's going to be time to start ramping up and LSD'n on the weekends.

Of course the temptation for the first long run in a while is to overdo it, to prove I still have a good 12, 13, 15 mile run in me. But the prudent thing would be to pick a moderate distance, somewhere around 8 to 10, and build on that. I'm nothing if not prudent, you know, so 9 it was.

I ran this one like a pro. The effort was just right. I stayed conversational miles 1-6, cranked it up just a bit for a couple of miles, and cooled down with number 9. Here are the stats.

Total distance - 9 miles
Venue - Memorial park to Allen Parkway (4.5 out and back)
Splits - 14:01 / 13:51 / 13:46 / 14:05 / 13:49 / 14:32 / 13:13 / 13:02 / 13:28
Total time - 2:03:51
Average pace - 13:46

...and by the way, those splits and times include water/gu breaks.

The best part of this morning's run was finishing to the roaring good times of HARRA's party in the park. Great tunes, beverages, breakfast, friends, and frivolity. It don't get much better than that after a tough workout. Lee and company were working the Strider tent, taking inquiries, signing up new members, and showing off our dozen or so HARRA team awards. It was a good morning.

Ok, nap over. Blog done. Let's get on with this day.


Erin said...

That includes water breaks? Damn! Way to go!! :)

J~mom said...

Great job VIC!!! Looking strong!

jen said...

Great job Vic!!! It was good to see you on Allen Parkway. You didn't happen to see my hat on the ground? ;) Actually, when I got back to the park, I was worried about you because you were running alone and I didn't remember seeing if you had any water with you.....but looks like you did have some Gu and water! :) Hope to see ya again soon!