Saturday, December 09, 2006

So much to say!!

This blog often presents me with a dilemma. Do I ramble on and on with all my thoughts and goals and milestones and roadblocks for the day or week or do I organize my thoughts into separate, well-organized, well thought out posts, each with it's own theme or idea? I mean just the fact that I'm thinking about this may merit it's own separate post. Actually, that I'm thinking about this at all probably means I have too much time on my hands (or mind). I know that can't be the case as this is the first time I've sat still all week. Anyway, let the rambling begin!!!

I have mixed feelings and a few fears about this week. A lot of these fears could very easily be allayed with a good 30K race tomorrow. Nevertheless, I can't help this morning wondering what this week has meant to my marathon training. My head and my coach say not to worry but my heart says that I must have lost a step or two. On Monday evening, I felt a decent head cold coming on. By Tuesday morning, my nose was rotting off my face and my body felt weak. At that point, I had to make a decision. The decision was to not run until I felt better, not wanting to aggravate my condition and prolong it any longer than need be.

Three days later (Thursday), almost fully recovered and starting to feel frisky again, I finally got out and ran 2 easy miles around the neighborhood. The easy effort turned into a 5K effort after a quarter mile and I finished with an average 12:20 pace. It felt good to get the cobwebs out. I felt like I could go another loop at that effort but stopped there as I planned on getting up on Friday and doing 3-5 easy. I got up at 4:00 but got paged a couple of times while I was getting ready. By that time, I needed to get into the office. So, here I sit, with a whopping 2 miles logged this week after an easy and fun 11 mile trail run last Saturday.

However, here I also sit, rested, well fed, hydrated, and feelin' pretty darn frisky. Not a bad place to be less than a day before a 30K race. None of my long races to date have been on the heels of any kind of significant rest or anything like a taper. I know. I know. This week isn't exactly what you would call a taper and with my first full marathon staring me in the face just 32 days from now, it's not the time to take a week off. But I just can't see myself in my mind looking back to this week and saying, "if I'd just not been sick that week, I would have done better." I'm CERTAINLY not going to start looking for excuses before I even toe the line on January 14.

For what it's worth, I know that some of you more experienced runners out there may be worrying about this noob trying to make up for missing some miles this week. Well, just don't worry your pretty little heads. I ain't stupid!!! Where I am today is where I am today. Ain't no makeups!!! I'll pick back up where I left off on Tuesday and finish this thing strong.

Lastly, the scale's reading 293 now, well below the 300 mark and I ain't going back. (that's the 3rd use of the "ain't" word in this post. Sorry, Erica!) I predict my marathon weight will be around 285-289. I believe that's just about all the help I'm getting from physics. Now, Lord, please plan on good running weather in Houston on that Sunday. Please! Please!


Barbara said...

Well, that answers my question - where in the sam hill has Vic been all week? I was starting to think the RSS feeder wasn't working.

Tapering is a good thing. So are cool-down miles at the end of a long run. Sometimes I do both of those, and sometimes....

I can hear my grandmother saying 2 things right now - ain't ain't a word and I ain't gonna use it; same for - got's not a word and I don't gotta use it.

Great job on the continued weight loss!

Holden said...

Well, due to my cold, the only run I got in was a 4.4 miler on Sunday. You already have your aerobic base built up. No need to think too much. Just run!!

Holden said...

Well, due to my cold, the only run I got in was a 4.4 miler on Sunday. You already have your aerobic base built up. No need to think too much. Just run!!

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

you will be awesome tomorrow-see you at the finish!

it was great to hang out at the Holiday party! said...

Well, at least you didn't go doing 10 and 6+ less than 72 hours before you do 18.6!

So that puts you farther on the safe and smart path than me.

Have a great day on Sunday!


Running Rabbit said...

Great job on the weight front! I am so proud of you. You are doing fantastic baby doll!

J~Mom said...

Sorry about the cold!! I am off to read your race report now!

Pat said...

the rest will do you good. I was worried about missing a few days after my operation. It didn't have any effect. I got back in the swing of things and just considered it a cut back week.

Arizona, USA