Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ok, what's the deal?

Is anyone else having problems with blogger? I'm trying to post commentson some blogs and I keep getting this "Could not log you in. Double check your password or try again later" error. This is only on Joe's, Erin's, Steve's, and a few others' blogs. What is the deal? Is it me or are others having probs? It must be everyone because none of those posts and ANY comments? Anyone know what's up?


Barbara said...

I tried to post a comment to yours earlier today and I thought it went through, but I just noticed it doesn't show up.

Is it maybe a difference for those who have the beta version or something?

Barbara said...

Oh that's really weird. Now my previous barbershop comment is there. But a minute ago it said it wasn't (and yes, I do know all about cache and refreshing the screen, etc.)

Pat said...

Must be solar flares. I'm having the same problems trying to post.

But, this one worked. (that is if you see it)

Arizona, USA

Anonymous said...

I'm having to post anonymous comments, as blogger is eating them when I try to log in. I think it must be a beta version problem--it wasn't doing this before...


pika said...

They're doing "work" on blogger recently - which causes all sorts of fun error messages when it comes to posting stuff.

I'm assuming it's fixed now because I just made changes to my blog and it seemed to have takent them.

Steve said...

Hey Slim,

I have issues posting to blogger beta sites as well, but if I choose "Other" as my identify I simply type in my name and url and it's much easier.

(Just as I'm doing now)