Sunday, December 31, 2006

Before it's too late

While it's still 2006, I'd like to reconsider a couple of 2007 goals that I set in a previous post.

One of those goals is yearly mileage. I previously stated 1200 as a goal for 2007. I think that may be a bit too ambitious so I'm setting that goal to 1008, exactly double my 2006 mileage. That should do just fine.

Also, I stated as my "if everything goes perfectly" goal for the Flying Pig marathon in May a 45 second per mile improvement over my Houston goal. I'm backing that down to 30 seconds per mile. That would give me a 5:47:00 if everything goes perfectly. I'll save the 13 minute pace for 2008.

I just want to be real as these are not just pie-in-the-sky goals that I pulled out of a hat. I really want these to be something that I can grab hold of and accomplish.

In other news, I was thinking. I'm an active guy. I've lost a few pounds. I ran yesterday and burned some calories. I think I'll have an oatmeal cream pie. So, I did. Then I was thinking, man-oh-man, that was good. So, I thought why not just have another. For grins before diving in, I checked the nutritional info on the box. OMG!!! EACH pie has 370 calories. 370 CALORIES!!! How in the world do they pack that many calories into that little plastic wrapper. So, instead of having another, I threw the whole box away. Those things are deadly!!! There was a day when I would have had 3 or 4 of those things, sitting down watching TV. No wonder I got up to 375 lbs. Ain't going back there.


J~Mom said...

That is awesome that you threw the whole box away! It is amazing how many calories are hiding in some of those things! I bought these instant lunch things that had 21 grams of fat in them!! I almost died!

I like the new goals! Smart thinking!

elf said...

Vic, when many (most?) people set goals for the marathon, they have a somewhat aggressive, "It'd be great to run..." goal and a fallback "I can live with..." goal. Set your training and shoot for that 45 sec/mile goal and see how you feel both during training and on race day. If it's there, go for it. If not, you have that 30 sec/mile "I can live with it" goal.

Good luck in '07!

David said...


Those oatmeal cream pies sound like just the thing for carb loading before the marathon!! I admire your self-discipline! With your attitude I am sure you will smash through all of your '07 goals! I hope to see you tomorrow at the resolution run!

Jill said...

Kind of agree with elf. Who says you only have to have 3 goals for an event. Just tack on one more, you know the "I can dream REAL BIG" goal!!

Good job on throwing away the pies! It is amazing what is hiding in some of our favorite treats.

Running Rabbit said...

That's sensible for the pig baby doll!

I wondered that about the Oatmeal Cream Pies myself. I quite buying them for the hubby after that tidbit!!! Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vic,

Where's your dumpster???

Bessie :-0

(Ain't too good to dumpster dive)!