Monday, December 18, 2006

Do I have to experience everything?

Well, so far I've experienced long runs, short runs, long races, 5K's, 10K's, a half marathon, a 25K, a 30K, ibuprofen, tempo runs, cold weather, warm weahter, PR's, crashes, group runs, solo runs, hills, Terry Hershey, trail runs, Gu's, fuel belts, night runs, morning runs, Christmas lights runs, epsom salt baths, chafing, hot weather, cold weather, warm weather. Seems like I've done it all in the past 7 months. Guess the journey wouldn't be complete without a mid-marathon-training injury. But I've done the whole injury thing before. In fact, I did it BIG TIME!!! So, I really could have done without this fun experience.

Actually, it's more of a nag than an injury, but enough of a nag to keep me from completing my 14 miler on Sunday. And enough of a nag that I was at Koala this morning when the doors opened. So, where is this nag? Well, you would think I'd have had problems with my ankle or my knees, or my ITB, or shins or PF or achilles. But, NO, it's my lower abdomen. And when I say lower, I mean L-o-w-e-r!!! Like just below my belt but above my...ahem!!!

Don't know how it happened. After the 30K, my whole body pretty much felt like crap. As the week progressed, everything started to feel normal again, except this spot in my abdomen. I really felt it after the Christmas Lighs run. Then again on Friday night. Jamoosh, no, I didn't ditch those miles just for a Christmas party. I think when I posted that, I was in denial. In fact, I've been in denial until yesterday morning when my long run was cut short. It wasn't that I could not have run through the pain. It really wasn't that bad. But I wanted to not do anything to aggravate it more until I could see what the problem was.

So, the kind folks at Koala have agreed to get me back in good form by Saturday's important LLR. After treatment today, I'm confined to the elliptical tomorrow. Another treatment tomorrow and possibly back to running on Wednesday and Thursday. Treatment Thursday and possibly Friday as well. Then the big day on Saturday. Woot!!

I'm down but by no means out. Doubtful I'll be able to brag about my 40 mile week this week like June will but if I can get to the start on Saturday healthy, I'll be satisfied with "just" a distance PR.

What a ride!!!


J~Mom said...

I hope the nag feels better soon!!

Humble Runner said...

Hope you get better soon!

With my recent back pain, I was ready to concede the competition to you. My input was within limits, but my output was horrible. I only ran eight miles in five days, when it should have been 36 miles. Ughhhh!

What did Koala say the problem was?

David said...

After hard interval workouts that is usually one of the sorest parts on my body. It really impedes your stride - that sucks Vic! Glad to see you are taking care of it before Saturday because Saturday will be another "experience"!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you checked in at Koala, they'll cure what ails you. Glad to hear your ahem is not what ails you, that would put a crimp in your stride. Wait, let's not go there.


Steve Bezner said...

Get well soon, we need you out there for the LLR. I've never experienced ab pain from running, but I can vouch for butt pain!

I will see you SATURDAY!

JustJunebug said...

you BETTER be better by Saturday!!!!

i wonder if my hydrocodone would cure you like it did me ;o)

big hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I need to pass 2 things along regarding your status as "Last Runner" for the LLR.

I was the Last Runner, last year, as delineated in Jan '06 Stridelines. I had emailed Steve the night before that I would be the caboose in the LLR and to let people know. I can't be there, this year, due to family commitments.

First thing is to consider bringing water with you for the last 4 miles. It's advertised as being fully serviced, but people inaccurately got word late in the course that I had dropped out. So, just in case it happens again, you'll be prepared.

Last thing is concerning a dangerous part of the course for a lone runner you may want to adjust your run to avoid.

At mile 15, the service road from Newcastle to Richmond is not too bad for a group of runners running twice as fast as you and I. But for 1 runner on that piece where the cars are always at your back and may not see you is clearly dangerous. The weeds and dirt are not smooth, so you can't run on it. And you're always looking behind you because the cars are coming your way. That was the worst part of the run, 2 years ago.

Last year, I emailed Steve I would be taking a detour and here it is. Instead of turning off Westpark to Newcastle, take Westpark all the way to the Loop. Walk under the Loop and cross the service roads that use to be Post Oak Blvd, south of Richmond. Head towards Richmond and you'll end up at the Best Buy at Post Oak & Richmond ready to head north and back on the marathon course.

Westpark is sidewalked all the way to the Loop on both sides. Really safe. Say 'howdy' to the panhandlers as you walk by. It's safe and effective...the FDA would love it. Whitney and 2 others joined me on this detour and it worked like a champ.

Elysian shouldn't be much of an issue because you'll be in the wake of the lead runners and those cars will be ready for you.

The LLR, in my opinion, SHOULD take this Westpark detour in order for the event to be ALL runner safe.

Have a safe run.


TX Runner Girl said...

Vic, I hope you're all better soon. I know Koala will help you out. Hang in there, you are in the home stretch now!

Jill said...

Okay - I didn't see Ice Bath on the list. Have you been that lucky?!!

Get better soon.

Pony said...

And nipple-chafing! You forgot to list that one too = ))

I'm off running left leg is TERRIBLE...lower mostly, bone pain, calf muscle...I'll be looking up an ART doctor pronto. I think the "k" in 30k should stand for KILLER!!! ARRGGGHHHH!!!