Saturday, December 23, 2006

Major shrinkage!!!

First things first. Bessie, what kind of cruel joke was that? How in the world did I let you talk me into a 15-minute ICE BATH?!?!? You made it sound so fun. IT WASN'T!!! I still don't know where "everything" went to!!! All I know is I'd better feel like a million dollars by this time tomorrow and "everything" had better fall back into place real soon or you're gonna owe me a chocolate milk. :o)

And... let me just say, JUNE!!! YOU DID IT!!! When I saw you coming down picnic loop I was like, WOAH!!! June's bookin' it. I think that's the strongest I've ever seen you finish a run. Oh, wait...I've never seen you finish a run. Seriously, congratulations. You are sooooo gonna rock the marathon. And glad to hear you've finally had a come-to-Jesus about the hills. Whatever Bill said or did, WTG!

And Steve Bezner rocked the house today, finishing the longest Longest Long Run distance of 23+ miles in about 7:25 pace. Can you say BQ? Congrats, Steve

Jessica was all smiles too at the finish. I think that was a distance PR for Jessica. Either way, congrats on a great run!!!

Now, I've been sworn to positive thoughts about today by Coach Steeeve. You're not gonna hear me repeat any negative statements or thoughts about today. So, you'd better be sure and listen close the first time (that's an old Hee Haw line in case you don't remember).

Today's run was fabulous (see? postitive thoughts). Seriously, the weather was perfect and I had the honor of running with 18-time veteran of the Houston marathon and overall incredible person, Dusty Cook. Dusty is a wealth of knowledge about marathoning and running and shared some great tips and stories with me. We talked about running, the Lord, kids, business, running...It was a blast. I think I've made a good friend. Thanks for the tour of the course, Dusty. You are awesome!!!

Dusty left me at about mile 16.5, not because he was tired of running slow but because I had to stop. The spot in my lower abdomen that has been nagging me all week really flared up bad starting at around mile 11. I was gutsy for a while but stopped at the water stop at around 16.5 and that was it. Dusty went on and finished in great fashion. I hitched a ride back with Chris and got to hang around and watch everyone come in, Dusty and June included.

So, I don't really know what's going on with my abdomen. A few people I've talked to doubt it's running related. I don't know anything about that area but I'm kind of suspicious that it may be a hernia. I'm going to get it checked out on Tuesday.

I told Steeeve that it may be a hernia and he admonished me that whatever I do, don't watch this video, which happens to be the funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Thanks Steeeve for the laugh. I needed it.

I received a complaint from SB that my posts were getting too long and when they're too long, he just put's "good job, Vic" in the comments and skips reading the post. So, I'm ending here. :|


Crosstrain said...

Let me be the first to say...."Good job Vic"!

David said...

Way to dig deep today Vic! I am glad that I watched that video AFTER the run because now I am afraid that I have the darn lyrics stuck in my head...I better go play some Christmas music quick so that at least the tunes stuck in my head will be festive!!

JustJunebug said...

oh good. glad i abbreviated my version today for steeeve..

vic i could see you as i rounded that corner and i knew i was home free....i am SO SO SO thrilled you waited for me. seeing you made it all worth it; i would have been very sad if i had missed you....

you know you are my BUDDY!!

Steve said...

Gutzy run out there with your ahem issue. You did more this morning than most Americans did all week. You have nothing to hang your low about.

Vic Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Yo Vic,

You've quoted me correctly but incompletely. My other key observation is that YOU'RE READY FOR THE HOUSTON MARATHON!


Can't walk, barely crawl, got a bulge in my intestinal wall...

Sarah said...

Good job Vic.

Hahaha. I really did rest the whole entry. :)

J~Mom said...

Good job vic!! LOL

I am sorry your owie is back but it sounds like you still got in lots of miles! I hope the doc can help you with whatever it is that is causing it!

Anonymous said...

LOL Vic, I sure hope things return to normal, if not I owe you more than chocolate milk. OMG, I laughed so hard reading your blog I think I have a hernia too. You did so well today. I am super proud of you!!! Way to pour it on. Sorry your bath time was not more special.
BWRight :-)--<

equarles said...

Vic, you da shiznit!

TX Runner Girl said...

Two words Vic - YOU ROCK! Great job out there. Keep up posted after your visit to the the meantime, happy holidays!!! :-)

RunSteve.Com said...

Yo Matt. I'm afraid to ask, but what is a :-)--<

Anonymous said...

Yo Steve - Believe the cool emoticon came from Matt's better half!


Walk real funny, bless my soul, can't play tennis, and it's hard to bowl

L*I*S*A said...

Merry Christmas to you, Vic. I'm sure 2007 will find you rarin' to go and ready to rock that mary!!