Friday, December 15, 2006

Friendly competition. High stakes!!!

Bill and I have challenged each other to a little friendly competition. No, it's not an ultra marathon or even a hundred yard dash (this makes me happy as I'll never stand a chance against anyone in these events except maybe Barney the Dinosaur). And no, this isn't the something BIG that Bill and I are working on for the Striders. Those details will be coming soon.

Inspired by this week's Biggest Loser finale on NBC, Bill and I are going mano-a-mano with a little weight loss competition of our own. The stakes? Loser buys the winner a registration to the marathon of the winner's choosing. Personally, when I win, I'm choosing the Antarctic Ice Marathon for the low, low cost of $15,000. Not bad, huh? And airfare is included.

The rules are simple. We weighed in today. My starting weight is 295 lbs. The contest runs through the 2nd Tuesday in February. The person (it will be me) with the highest weight loss as a percentage of total starting weight will be the winner.

LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!! Bill, I hate to say this but YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN!!!


Humble Runner said...

The only thing going down is MY WEIGHT and to a lesser extent.... yours!

Get the checkbook from your wife and get use to seeing this;

Pay to the order of: Bill Cox


Anonymous said...

Bill's "going down"? Are you already admitting defeat or was the pun unintended?


Keith said...

I'll take some of that action.

$10.00 on Vic, who will cover?

Steve said...

That's a great idea! This is similar to being accountable to someone else. Both are winners! (or should I say LOSERS!)

Less Caloric Input and More Caloric Output is all it takes!

Go Vic! Go Bill!

Jill said...

I hope you both "lose" big time. Best of luck!!