Friday, September 01, 2006

Fired up 5K training run

Well, there are so many cool people running the Fired up 5K on Monday, I just couldn't pass up being there for the festivities. So, I paid my $18 to do a training run. Who knows, I may push it a little bit. Maybe I'll just shoot for breaking my 45:22 from 8/12 RTW. I'm sure the weather will cooperate. SMARTies, I wanna see some hardware!!!

See you all there!!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! This is the fourth year for the Fired Up 5k and it's always on the SMART training schedule. Strider results and a hardware photo from last year's race are on

Steve Bezner said...

Yeah, awesome! Looking forward to seeing you out there!

Pat Monahan said...

Vic, I enjoyed reading your blog. Looks like we are heading down the same road. I started this past June, so reading your blog is like seeing my running future. Thanks.