Monday, September 25, 2006

Plan for the week

The plan for the week is a little screwy because of two things, I did my long run yesterday (Sunday) instead of Saturday, and the upcoming Cross-country relay on Saturday afternoon. My hope is that the relay will not turn out to be a hard day. It is just 2 miles. As much as I'd like to "perform" at my best for the relay, I don't want to ruin my 12 miler the next morning. So, nice and easy on the relay. I'll try to pick it up a bit. Afterall, it is a race. But I won't overdo it. Just want to have fun.

Monday - 1.5 mile recovery run.
Tuesday - 35 min. easy run. Rest.
Wednesday - 15 x 30/30 with 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown (Fit schedule calls for 18 x 30/30 but I missed the 14 x 30/30 workout last week). 3 miles easy.
Thursday - 3 miles easy. 25 minute tempo run.
Friday - Rest.
Saturday - Cross-country relay (2 miles)
Sunday - 12 miles (Yikes!!!)


Anonymous said...

I agree with your logic. No shame in walking a hill to preserve your ankles.


Barbara said...

I did my intervals this morning but forgot to bring the part of my brain that can count up to 18 so I messed up a little.

I had enough CC in high school! But I do like to watch the local school practice; they have a lot of enthusiasm. It's funny; their idea of a long distance run doesn't seem so long now.