Friday, September 08, 2006

What a whiner!

Running clothes in the trunk, shoes in the car, hydrated, well fed, the plan for Thursday was to meet up with th SMARTies at the Hwy. 6 levee to do some silly walks and some hills. I was looking forward to this all day. I mean big time!!! The way this was supposed to work, the plan, was that DW was going to pick up the tike from afterschool program on the way in from her trip to Louisiana. She went home to sit in on some pre-trial court stuff for the murderer of her brother earlier this year. Anyway, the plan was to be back in time for me to run after work. Well, between getting a late start and traffic, I knew around 4:30 that she wasn't going to make home at the planned time so I had to pick up the tike.

So, here's where the whining began. I was really being selfish, whining to myself about how I never get to to the training I need to do. I may as well forget the marathon. My meal planning sucks and I ended up in a pity party going to McDonald's on the way home...if I'm not going to do my workouts during the week, I may as well not do my long run since I won't be ready...I haven't lost any weight this week...WOE IS ME!!! Then when DW got home, she apologized for not "executing the plan" (my words, not hers) and I continued to mope around...Woe is me!!! She said, "you want to go run, now?" I said that it was too late...just forget it.

So, I moped around some more and then went to check the blogs. The very first post I read was on June's blog. June linked to a Dick and Rick Hoyt video that I haven't seen before. June posted simply, "For when you think you cant do something, or you just cant take anything more, you might want to take a look at this." It's been kind of funny. Every time during the past few months that I get down, someone out there links to one of these videos. The first to introduce me to the Hoyt's was Coach Steeeve on the HRB forums. Anyway, you just can't whine after watching those two.

I got straight up from the desk, got my shoes and went down to the athletic center for a late 35 minute tempo run on the treadmill. I found my mp3 player and listented to some good tunes. The run was great. I'm so glad I did it. Don't know if the calibration is off or if the 66%/no humidity helped but I was cruising at about 12:30 pace for the last 10 minutes of the tempo portion.

No stats, I just did a 10 minute warmup a around 15:00 pace. Then 20 minutes, easing up the pace little by little, finishing the tempo portion (as I said) around 12:15 -12:30 pace, then an easy 5 minute cool down.

So, that's my pity party. Thankfully, it was short-lived. Thanks, June for the post. Somehow you knew I needed that.


TX Runner Girl said...

Everyone has the occasional pity party...we're just human. However, its how you handle it that counts and it sounds as if you handled it well by crashing that pity party and moving on! Good job!!!

Sarah said...

Like Christy said -- everybody has pity parties from time to time. You solved yours in style!

Anonymous said...

Way to whine, Vic! Oh, wait. Ummm...way to suck it up!

Tomorrow at this time you'll be Double Digit Vic. Great milestone!


Humble Runner said...

What are you doing, Vic? Every blog has it's own personality. My blog is based around my whining. So, stop making me look bad with you over-achievements, or I'll whine about that on my blog. LOL

Good Job at "Making it Happen"

FR said...

Nice post man. That video is amazing.

Take it easy,


JustJunebug said...


*heart* *heart*

ravenclawprefect said...

Aw Vic, don't you know all of us whine? Pass the cheese, please. :)

We all have days where we question our sanity because we don't get a run in, we can't find the right socks, the wrong lip balm is in the pocket, the sun is too high, it is too cold, it is ....take your pick!

You sucked down the whine, ate your cheese and crackers and moved on. Way to go!

maggie said...

dick and rick are cool.. and yeh, I too think of them sometimes when I feel like I can't make it... :)

Barbara said...

Don't stop whining! It's what I do best - I need a partner in crime.

Hope your 10-miler went great this morning!

jamoosh said...

You owe June a beer. Aned me too on principal...