Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tour de Fun!!!

I was trying to figure out how to combine "Tour de Art" with "Tour de Fun" and all I could come up with was "Tour de FArt". That's so childish. But quite frankly, that's what I've felt like lately, especially at last night's Tour de Art. I felt like a kid, running around downtown, dodging cars, crossing when I'm not supposed to, giggling with my friends, poking fun at the slow people. (Hey, that's me!!!) Seriously (but not too seriously), we had a blast last night.

Lotsa bloggers were on hand for the event. I think the biggest surprise was seeing Sarah and Jose drive up just as I was putting my shoes on. The second surprise, and not a good one at all, was Sarah's truck "dying" just as she pulled into her parking space. I have no idea what was wrong. It just wouldn't start. I know she and Jose were worried but they were troopers. Sarah just locked her doors (manually) and said screw it, let's go run. Woohoo!!! Other bloggers were June, Steve B, Bill. I'm really enjoying getting to know these great friends better and better. One of the reasons I did this Tour de Art is because of the encouragement I got from Bill some month or 2 ago after his first Tour de Art. I remember his telling me after that run that it would be a perfect event for me. A good workout, visiting with friends, frequent stops, perfect for a slow runner who wanted to run with others and just have fun. Well, Bill, it was everything you promised and more. Thanks, bud! Oh, and Sarah got her care started. Another friendly runner gave her a jump. I hope she made it home ok.

This was a very casual run, a little over 4 miles according to the Garmin. Like I said, there were plenty of stops and time to talk and visit. I think I should be the poster child for this event if it's ever done again. I can see it now..."If Vic can do it, anyone can." Turns out I was the brunt of several "slow-poke" jokes starting very soon upon arrival. One "friend" told me that she invited a hesitant companion to join her for this 5-mile run. I find out he gave in only after she told him that Vic was going to be there so we'll run with him. It'll be fine. Then one "coach" told me, 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, "ok, Vic, if you're going to finish in a timely manner, you'd better start now. Go!!!" Very funny!!! Seriously, it makes me feel good that my friends can joke with me. With much encouragement must come much abuse. LOL!!! Gotta have thick skin around this bunch. :o)

About the time I was halfway home, I started to think about all the work it took to put on this event and provide some fun for me and the rest of the group. I wonder how early folks had to get there to set up the tent. And how late did they have to stay in the dark to take it down. I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate the work and the effort. I feel bad about not sticking around to help in some way. I'm going to try to be more aware of opportunities to help out. Anyway, I really do appreciate Steve, Barry, Bill, Roger, Lee, and all the others that made this event possible.


Jenny said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Loving the Tour de Fart name - they should use that next year!

Humble Runner said...

Another great post.

All the joking and hard-times we give you are the DIRECT result of a healthy friendship. It's kind of like the firehouse. Those of us who are close friends give each other "hell" all day. If you're not liked, well... it's a long, boring day.

Vic has MANY running friends and I'm glad to be one of them!


Anonymous said...

Second everything Bill said.

Yeah, we struck the set in the dark, but think of it as extended trash-talking opportunity and we were home in plenty of time to catch the 9th inning of the Astros game.


Barbara said...

You were a lot faster than all the Houstonians who would never run the first mile of that!

You didn't say a word about the art....did you see any art?

Vic said...

Art, schmart!!! I'm an uncultured individiual.

Anonymous said...

Which is why he's not yogurt.


JustJunebug said...

i hate one way streets in downtown.

i might have an unconventional way of getting out of that dang area, but i got it done.

see ya in the morning for the long run!

art fart. funny.

TX Runner Girl said...

Love the Tour de FArt name! Sounds like a great time. I was being a weanie with the long run the next day. Next time, I will be there! Then, maybe I can finally meet more of my fellow bloggers.

Sarah said...

You know we love ya, Vic! I'll third what Bill & Steeeve said -- I only tease people I know and like! :)

Got my car home just fine, where it died again. Jose gave me another jump start on Saturday morning and I went straight to NTB for a new battery. Apparently the old one just suddenly went bad!!