Monday, September 18, 2006

3 a little harder than easy

Did 3 miles this evening a little harder than easy effort. No stopwatch. My dial watch showed about 42:45.

Great to see Sam cruising by out there. Sam (and the world, too, I guess since this is a blog and the World Wide Web), I hope this doesnt' sound strage coming from a guy but you are a beautiful runner. You really glide out there. God has blessed you with a gift. Wonderful to see you using it.

God Bless!!!


Barbara said...

Did you mean as in you pushed yourself a little faster than an easy pace, or that the run was a little harder to do than it typically is for an easy pace?

Mine wasn't anything to brag about this morning, but sometimes it's all about just getting it done - woo hoo!

Vic said...

Barbara, I mean I pushed a little harder than easy effort. I guess my easy pace in moderate temps is a little less than 15:00/mile. I did these 3 in a little over 14:00. Basically, a little faster than an easy jog.

TX Runner Girl said...

Way to go on pushing yourself! Sometimes it feels great to take the tempo up a notch or two.