Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Resting today

I've been on vacation this week and have felt so relaxed. That is until I logged in for a quick peek at work e-mail. BIG mistake!!! I ended up working for 3 hours. Grrr!!! That's the last time this week I'll be doing that. Promise.

I got in a great workout yesterday, the first time I'd run since I had my ankle treated on Saturday. The ankle felt GREAT. I'm going to post later about MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) therapy but suffice it to say, it's miraculous. Plus, it makes so much sense the way Jim explained what was really wrong with me. Anyway, I ran like a kid yesterday. I just felt great, perfect, back together.

I'm supposed to be taking it easy so rather than my usual Monday 3 mile continuous run, I opted for a prolonged warmup, some walk/run, and a good cooldown. I parked over at the pool and walked to the tennis center for some silly walks. I didn't take in the whole routine. I just did some toe walks, heel walks, washing machines, and cross-body leg swings. Then, I did 3x180/60 walk/run followed by a brisk .5 mile walk back to the car. Total 2.6 miles.

I was running easy, very easy and I felt good. No pain in the left ankle at all. I checked my Garmin and my pace was in the low 13's. I wonder if the satellites hadn't caught up toe daylight savings time or were suffering from some other malfunction. I didn't feel like I was running 13 min pace. I'm glad I only did the distance I did because feeling that good, I may have been tempted to go longer or harder and I'm supposed to be "babying" the ankle.

I have a rest day today. My next workout is with the PIM peeps tomorrow night. Can't wait.

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