Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is THIS the last cold front?

A couple of weeks ago, I seem to recall many of us predicted that that would be the last cold front of the season. I put up all my jackets, sweaters, sweat shirts, and long sleeve shirts and began preparing my mind for the coming hot summer months. So, I got up this morning to head out for a run and soon found out that it was 40 degrees out. Don't get me wrong. I ain't complaining AT ALL. Had it not been for the stiff breeze, I'd mark this down as one of the best running days of the year. But the wind did make just slightly uncomfortable. But as long as you were running or in the sun or running in the sun, it was perfect.

We had a great group of PIMster's out this morning and the weather had us all feeling quite frisky. Two cadres of Aerobics led by me and Coach Deb did 4x 5Run/2 Walk with a 3 minute warmup and 2 minute cooldown. It's really fun to see these runners progress. I remember just a few weeks ago when they didn't think they could run for a minute at a time and now they're doing 5 minute intervals. I relish the look on their face at the end of a workout when they've done something they did not think they could do and accomplished something they've never done before. It's really great. I want to do this (coach new runners) as long as I'm able and I thank PIM and HARRA for giving me the opportunity to do this.

For me, maintaining good nutrition and staying on track with my exercise is all about routine and this week was anything but routine. I had to work in Humble this week so my hours, my drive, my daily routine was all screwed up. I didn't have my snacks with me so I left work FAMISHED every day. I did find a Subway near the hospital and ate lunch there Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday but I didn't do well driving home. I made it home for supper only twice. The other days, I did not do well. That's the ups and downs of changing your lifestyle. The week before was INCREDIBLY successful but I wasn't juggling work and the rest of my life. I know I can do it. I've just gotta get back to it. Hey, that rhymes.


J~Mom said...

You can totally do it!!

TX Runner Girl said...

I was loving the weather this weekend too! I know what you mean about the change in schedule screwing things up...hang in there, you know you can get back to it!

Humble Runner said...

"you can do it"?!?!?!

Don't you mean you can RE-Do it? You've done it before. Lots of us witnessed the awesome transformation, which is sure to happen again... SOON!!!