Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another's easy run is my speed workout

We led our Power in Motion Aerobics-2 group last night in a 6x3R/1W easy run. Well, it was easy for most but for me, the pace was more like speedwork. But, hey, I can hang. No problem. We warmed up with a 3 minute walk and then started the repeats. I was tasked with bringing up the back of the pack and about 2 minutes into our first interval, I looked down at the Garmin and we were at about 11:45 pace. WOW!!! I volunteered to coach some never-run-before runners, not a bunch of speedy Gonzales's. :) I don't know if anybody else in the group felt like I did. I mean I've been running now for ~4 months and I've lost some weight so I knew I could do this workout but it was definitely not an EASY RUN effort for me. Still, it was good speedwork and I can definitely handle that once a week.

My weight fell off the bottom of the chart this morning at 314.5. I had to rescale my y-axis. I'm moving on down and like it very much. It's amazing how well I do on my nutrition and exercise when I'm not stressed by work and so busy I don't know if I'm coming or going. I've gotta work next week when I'm back to work on keeping the stress down and making plenty time for me and the fam.

Rest today.

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elf said...

Rock on, Vic! I wish I had been able to coach PIM again this season, but alas, the injury bug has bitten me hard. Next season...