Monday, March 30, 2009

It could be worse

I'm not able to run as much as I'd like right now with my ankle problem. ankle problem...So, what exactly IS my ankle problem. I frankly don't know anymore. I was trying to describe to Bill yesterday that I went out to run but only did 2 miles and then had to stop. I explained that it wasn't aerobic. It was my ankle. But the ankle wasn't hurting. I was just feeling like if I ran more, it would start hurting. It actually feels better after I run. I think I'm just a big chicken with this thing. I think it's getting better and getting stronger but I just don't want to do ANYTHING that could put me down for a prolonged period of time. At least now I'm not running far and not running fast but I'm running.

Speaking of taking it easy, I did 2 miles tonight with a small cadre of PIMsters We did a 3 minute WU/4x5R/2W and a 2 minute CD. I got some sweat. My breathing was somewhat increased. And most importantly, my ankle never felt a bit of pain or discomfort. So, I think I've just got to keep running within myself and keep being patient. I ran 37 miles this month, the exact same number of miles I ran last month. The good news is I ran those 37 miles in 16 days in the month of March, not 10 days like February. I am getting out there more consistently and that is a very positive sign.

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