Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Tonight's attempt at a 5 miler (and I use the term "attempt" loosely) was thwarted by severe heat, humidity, and a total lack of energy. I've experienced a run like this before where you're not really breathing hard. Your not tired in that respect but your body just won't go. You think you can walk a bit but as soon as you recover and start running again, you just can't hold it. Every happened to you?

I think the week got a little disconbobulated with what turned out to be two consecutive tough workouts in a row on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was speedwork and Wednesday's easy 3 turned into 4 hard trail miles as Matt introduced me to the Ho Chi Minh trails south of Memorial Dr. There was a pretty good turnout of Striders for the run and much fun was had muddin' through the woods and sultry air.

I think my average pace for the trail run did not reflect my effort. Of course, the trails are like that. I heard somewhere that trails basically add a minute to a minute and a half to your easy run pace. Anyway, we weren't racing but I'll tell you what, those trails gave me a pretty tough workout. And after emerging from the forest and crossing back over to the Memorial Loop, I felt pretty frisky and cooled down the last mile or so at around 13 minute pace.

So, I think tonight my body was just telling me to shut it down. Now, a few weeks ago, I would have shut it totally down and just strolled back to the car. But tonight, to show a little bit of guts, I did the run/walk thing, walking mostly, but keeping my walk very brisk. I brought it in with a run for the last quarter mile and finished with 3 total. Tomorrow is a rest day while I get ready for 10 on Saturday.

The weight loss is going well. 6.8 lbs. lost since the competition started. I'm closing back in on sub-300 again. That will sure feel good. I know SteveB says it's hard to concentrate on improving your running and losing weight at the same time, but for me personally, the running really, really helps me focus on the weight loss. I think it's that if I spend a lot of time running, I'm not spending a lot of time wondering what to eat and what not to eat. And after a good workout, I don't want to spoil it by a trip to McDonalds or Shipleys. So, for now, I'm going to just see how it goes. I feel in a good grove this week and intend to keep it going.


J~Mom said...

I am the same way, when I run I feel more "fit" and therefore want to eat better. It just a whole package to me. Keep it up!

Pat said...

The Heat is ON! My times are taking a beating and I can't run as far as I was doing back in Nov, dec, jan. I think it's good to judge your running to how you were doing the same time last year. Retailers do it, it makes sense that runners should do it too.

And walking is ok. I'd much rather run/walk 5 miles than to run until I can't anymore and stop. If I did that, I'd probably be under 2 miles in this heat.

L*I*S*A said...

I can totally relate. I've had a few of those type of runs recently. I guess I need to just move on and work a bit harder when I can. I'm sure it's always a temporary setback. We all hit bumps in the road. :)