Monday, June 04, 2007

Now I'm just mad!!!

The weight loss contest that Bill and I have going on has been good. The competition gives me some motivation. Having to wear a dress to Terry Hershey park for the first SMARTie workout...well, let's just say I'd rather avoid that embarassment. But truth is that I want Bill to succeed as much as I want to win. As far as the competition goes, I'm fine either way.

So, if competition isn't as strong a motivator as I need, then maybe getting downright MAD will have some effect on me. And people, I am PO'd!!!

Here's what happened. I took the family to Kemah Saturday night for some food and fun. We ate and then headed over to the rides. The kids were so excited. They wanted to ride some of the "scarier" rides but not without Dad. So, I bought tickets for us for everything. We got over to the Aviator and watched the ride before ours. The anticipation was mounting. DD wanted me to be in the swing behind her. I gave the guy my ticket and got in the seat. Well, wouldn't you know, the dang bar would not go down far enough. Then the guy came over and pushed it down trying to make the light come on, signifying I was locked in. Then, they moved me over to another swing. Same story. I COULDN'T FIT IN THE FREAKIN' RIDE!!! (I hope my kids don't read this. I don't let them say "freakin'") So, I got to watch my kids ride the ride without me.

Well, fine. I'll ride the Inverter, right? We stood in line again. To the kids this was a REALLY scary ride and DD and DS wouldn't even ride it if I didn't ride it with them. We got on and they brought the bar down. I felt like I was in and that it locked but again, the stupid little light wouldn't come on and I had to exit the ride and watch. By this time, I wasn't smiling to say the least. I was embarassed, angry, and sad that I couldn't live my life because of my weight. I missed it. I missed this one opportunity to do this one thing with my kids. That was a memory I'll never get to remember. If I were to die today, God forbid, one of the last memories my kids would have wouldn't be the fun we all had riding those rides. They'd remember how Dad didn't get to ride with them because he was so fat. (Oh, crap, I'm tearing up right here in my office.)

So, yes, I'm mad! I'm pissed. I'm embarassed. I don't want to miss any more moments like that. And, Bill, I'm afraid the contest is over. You may as well pack it in buddy 'cause THE GAME IS ON! If I were you, I'd eat nothing but lettuce for the next 8 weeks because that's what it's going to take to beat me. :)

Isn't this fun?


JustJunebug said...

uh oh.

Pony and Petey said...

I'm rooting for both of you! Will that work???

hmmmm Vicky vs. Miss Bill

Pat said...

Good for you. Sometimes it's good to get mad.

You should take a picture of the ride and put it on the fridge. Someday, you'll ride, I know you will.


Oh by the way, some parents wish that all they had to worry was the word 'freakin'. You should see my nepfew's my space page. I bet your kids are great.

Dan Seifring said...

Vic, no loser's in that competition. Seeing my kids grow up was the major reason when I decided to lose my weight (still hope to loss som more). Keep up the great work.

Keith said...

Sounds like Bill's in trouble.

FWIW, the inverter gave me a headache for a half a day. I freakin hated it.


Laufenweg said...

hang in there! it's good to get a kick in the ol' back side once in a while, even tho it hurts. i'm betting on you - this time next year, we'll be reading a whole different story. i'll be checking back to see! :-)

J~Mom said...

I love Pat's idea to put a pic on the fridge of the ride! Stay mad and fight!

Steve Bezner said...

Yo Vic, I had a similar experience with roller coasters although it wasn't with my kids but co-workers. Even though they downplayed it, I was quite upset. Unfortunately, it took several years before I decided to lose the excess weight simply to live longer.

My reasoning: I don't see any old fat people.

TX Runner Girl said...

This competition is getting very interesting! :-) Vic, I am sure that you will be riding those rides very soon my friend!