Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back to Normal!!!

First the good news. Some of you may know that my brother-in-law was murdered last year in his home. This past year has been very difficult for our family and especially for DW. Thank God that this past week we all got a bit of closure as the murderer was found guilty of 2nd degree murder with a mandatory life sentence without parole. This is such a burden lifted from DW and the rest of the family as we have been seeking justice for what seems like so long. I know the verdict won't bring Jason back but it's brought a sense to all of us that the ordeal is over and we can get on in some way with our lives.

Speaking of getting back to our lives, DW is back in town and life is good. It's good having the family back together. This past week has been tough on the blogging front. I'm sorry for not at least posting a quick update or two. I've been up early a lot this week, trying to get some running in during the wee hours before the kids woke up. I was able to get in three 3-milers this week. Unfortunately, I'm on call this weekend so a long run is not in the cards. I did manage to get in 3 miles this morning around the neighborhood. I hate having to carry both my beeper and my phone with me but I did. I'm surprised my phone still works as it was soaked in sweat.

It's been pretty quiet with the beeper and I may be able to get in another 3 in tonight. I guess two short runs in a day is better than not running at all. Way better. The only bad thing is that I've got t-bones on the grill right now and I know after one of those, I'm not going to feel like doing anything but veg on the couch and surf the internet. Maybe I'll put the steak aside for after the run. I hate not eating with the family but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

So, I was looking at the month's miles and IMO, I'm looking pretty good going into marathon training which, by the way, starts Monday for me. Here's my monthly totals for the year.

Well, that's basically an average ~15-16 miles per week for June. Not quite the 20-25 mpw I'd like to be at but June's been a pretty consistent month nonetheless. Monday starts my week one of Hal's 18-week marathon training program. I'm a bit anxious about jumping into 20+ mpw but I think I'll be ok. Here's what the week holds for me.

The red is on call and blue of course is my long run.

I'm off for an evening 3 miles. Let's get it on.


barbara said...

Vic, I remembered you mentioning the murder but I didn't know it was in his home. I'm sure this has been extremely stressful (similar situation in my hometown, enough said on that). Glad to hear your wife was able to get some closure in spite of it all.

I think I ran all of 11 miles this month, so you're well ahead of me.

RunninRobin said...

wow Vic I did not know you were going through all this. I am so sorry that something so terrible had to happen to your family.

I am happy to hear that you are getting some sence of normalcy back in your family though.

You are in my thoughts and prayers!

jamoosh said...

On a more positive note - two short runs in a day is good for you. In fact, two three mile runs can often be more beneifical than a single six mile run. From time to time I'll do a three miler early in the morning and another one at lunch.