Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Out of control

Some observers from the Wallow have commented to me that they were worried about me going DOWN the hills. They worried that I was going too fast and was out of control. Frankly, that's how I thought you were supposed to go down hills, perpendicular to the ground with an exaggerated kick after toe off, lengthening your stride and "coasting." Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong and I'll put on the breaks next time. :o)


David said...

Back in the x-country days we used flag our our arms a little (like you would do if you were swimming)on our way down the short, steep hills. We would just fly down those hills. Everytime someone thought that someone would wipe out, but nothing bad ever happened. Next time someone tells you that you had them scared it won't be because they thought you would crash, but they will just be scared that you will beat them!

JustJunebug said...

dude i SO thought you were gonna start rolling instead of running! I am for sure I would have!

Pat said...

The only hills we have are called speed bumps. We just step over them.

Arizona, USA

J~Mom said...

What Pat said about the hills. It's so true, when I run over a curb I think of that as my mountain. LOL