Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's official

Well, it's official! I'm declaring officially that I've gained weight. No, this isn't just day to day fluctuations. This is a bonifide, real-life weight gain. It's not too drastic of a gain, maybe 3-5 pounds but IT STOPS HERE!!! I know the reasons for the gain. It's nothing magical, nothing emotional, nothing but the simple fact that I've been consuming more calories than I'm burning. So, I'm putting an end to this right now. TODAY!!! Anyone doubt me? I wouldn't bet against me if I were you. :o)

Despite several things working against me this morning, I had a delightfully fanfriggintastic 9-miler this morning. First of all, the mexican food we ate after church last night, around 9 pm, was still sitting in my stomach like a ton of bricks. Then, I woke up this morning with the sniffles and some congestion and contemplated staying in bed. Fortunately, something inside me said, "Get your big butt out of bed."

Since the Wallow, I've had this nagging pain in my ankle. Not the bad ankle, the good ankle. And guess what. It's the same area where I had problems with the other ankle for so long. Still, this is different. The pain's not always there and it doesn't hurt when I run, only when I'm stretching. When I got to Terry Hershey park this morning, I started my stretching routine and had a horrific flashback as the pain in the side of my ankle (it's actually the peroneus longus/brevis) was back, this time on my one, good ankle. I acutally got in my car, started the ignition and drove off. I got to Hwy 6 and said, "Screw it!", made a u-turn and headed BACK to the park. I finished stretching and took off.

Good news! The ankle felt fine and the weather was PERFECT!!! I had made the right decision. I ran west from the gazebo to Hwy 6. This is normally my 10 mile route so I turned around at the water fountain just short of Hwy. 6. Then to Kirkwood and back home. Lots of friendly faces. I stopped short of Dairy Ashford for hugs from Barb and Nancy. It was just a perfect morning. The further into the run, the stronger I felt. I played around a lot, running over on the grass, picking up the pace on occasion going up a hill, stopping for water, taking in the sights. I took one detour between Dairy Ashford and Kirwood, running up on top on what I call the jeep trail, then back on the path on the way home.

Here are the stats:
Total distance - 9.12 miles
Splits (inclulde water breaks) - 14:34 / 14:49 / 14:12 / 14:01 / 14:18 / 14:27 / 14:10 / 14:10 / 13:31
short cooldown - the last .12 miles - 1:46 (14:45 pace)
Average pace - 14:16

On the way home, I spotted the Shepards' vehicle at Starbucks and indulged in some awesome Strider trash talking. Overall, a great morning.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dude, should have left our trash-talking destination on your windshield. After all, your car is still pretty unmistakable :-) Still, your homing sense served you well.


jamoosh said...

PMWG - Post Marathon Weight Gain. Time for some cross-training. You'll get (give) it back!

Anonymous said...

The answer is more street ice. It is low cal and the dirt gives it a nice crunchy protein burst. Enjoy!

Vic said...

Guess I'm never going to live the street ice thing down. Thanks for keeping the memory alive, SteveS.

TX Runner Girl said...

Great job on the run. Glad the ankle didn't give you any trouble. BTW, I hear you on the PMWG...I do that every year and swear it will never happen again. But it does. So now I am getting the weight off and so will you!

J~Mom said...

You will take that weight back off in no time! I am not dumb enough to take that bet!

Super job on the 9 miles!

I can't believe your church has 15 services!!