Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Strange Dreams!!!

I wish I was dreaming of crossing that finish line on January 14th but the theme of my dreams last night was just the opposite. The further I get into my day, the less I remember about the 3 dreams that woke me up through the wee hours this morning.

In one dream, I was at the finish line and there was a race official standing by the entrance to GRB. I had already finished and was waiting around for all my "official" goodies like my medal and t-shirt, etc. I see this guy running. He's about halfway down Rusk but the official yells to the guys at the finish mats, "OK, we gotta shut 'er down!" At that point in the dream, for some strange, dream-like reason, I don't know if I made it under the cutoff or not. I ask the official and he shows me my name printed on the list. Something like 6:02:00. I'm ecstatic. I make my way over to the table to pick up my medal and the lady tells me that the medals cost $800 and I can't have a finisher's shirt, no reason. So, even though I finished the race under the cutoff, I couldn't have a medal or finisher's shirt.

In dream 2, I'm running along the marathon course, not the real marathon course, the one in my dream. I'm making good time and I know for sure that I'm gonna make it under the cutoff. The course takes the runners through a neighborhood and acutally through the living room of one of the houses along the way. I go in there and see some friends. After looking at my watch, I see I have plenty of time so I take my shoes off and visit for a while. After some time, I figure it's time to be on my way. I put my shoes on but they won't tie or I can't tie them. I keep trying and trying and the clock starts to move faster and faster but I can't tie the darn shoes. Then I wake up. What a nightmare!!!

I don't remember the 3rd dream but it was along the lines of the same theme.

It's been good eatin' today, so far. This morning, I had my favorite breakfast, steel cut oats, fresh raspberries, and a little skim milk. I made a yummy sandwich to take for lunch with turkey, whole wheat bread, fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion, black olives, and bell pepper. Lowfat yogurt and an apple rounded out the lunch.

I made a trip over the the best little barber shop in Texas over my lunch break and got to talk race strategy with Matt. I left there felling better about the race and about my hair. ;o)

Looking forward to some easy running tonight if the weather holds and 8 easy miles on Saturday, perhaps with some Striders who are running over in River Oaks.

Good news! I'm able to be off work on Friday, the 12th so I'm planning on doing the Expo with June and SteveB on that day. Anyone else interested in getting that stuff done on Friday, let us know and we'll hook up.

More on race strategy later. God bless!


Anonymous said...

Must be some mighty tough oats when it takes steel to cut them.


Jill said...

Crazy dreams! Glad I am not having them - my day dreams about the marathon are bad enough!!

Pat said...

That's too funny. Stay away from open doors at your marathon.

Arizona, USA

Pony said...

I had a crazy dream the other night too! Real similar to your's...and I'm only doing the half = (

John and I will be at the expo on Friday, I'm pretty sure...John gets back home the night before so not sure how much sleeping they'll need to do the next day but we'd rather not come on Saturday.

What time are ya'll going to be there? I'll keep my eye open for you...if we catch you, ya'll can meet John's new wife, Tinette!!!

And, dude...I think we might be kindred spirits...I LOVE your breakfast! I eat steel cut oats ALL the time!!!

TX Runner Girl said...

Wow, interesting dreams...all of which I am sure will NOT come true. LOL! I am taking a 1/2 day on Friday, so I'm heading over to the expo in the afternoon. What time are ya'll going?

J~Mom said...

Your running friends would not let you take your shoes off like that. :>) You are going to do awesome!! Tell your nerves to let you sleep!

JustJunebug said...

ok that is some WEIRD ASS dreams vic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and i caved and looked at this morning.

it looks like its gonna suck big time on the 14th...........

Red said...

I think your getting steel shavings in your oats with dreams like those:)

$800 for a finishers shirt?.....hmmm ok:) lol would love to be the sales guy on that gig!

Seriously though, keep up the great work.