Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bye-bye January

Wow!!! What a month. January, 2007 is not a month I'll soon forget. I wish I had more pictures. The month started with some frivolous taper time leading up to the big day. The big day! January 14, 2007. My first marathon. As I've said before, it seems like it was months ago and not just over 2 weeks ago. time is really flying.

I closed out January with an easy peazy 6 this morning at Memorial Park. The weather continues to be perfect. Total miles for the month of Jauary are 90, a good start for the year and on pace early to double 2006's total miles.

I'm a bit worried about the Buffalo Wallow. I haven't run hard and fast(er) in a long, long time. My goal is to beat my previous time of 52:04. That's 13:58 pace. Now, some who've never run the course before may be saying, "oh, no problem for you Vic." But this course is tough, and my legs and lungs are going to be a bit shocked when I turn it up a notch after running easy for over 2 months. We'll see. Whatever the case, PR or no PR, it's gonna be fun.

So, today's run:
Total distance - 6.0 miles
Venue - Memorial Park loop
Format - Easy run
Total time - 1:24:02
Splits - 14:00 / 13:52 / 13:51 / 13:47 / 14:09 / 14:21
Avg. pace - 14:00
Notes - I backed it down a bit after 4. I was leaving the Easy effort and flirting dangerously with harder-than-easy effort. It's all good.


Anonymous said...

I know I said it before but you and I run at so close of a pace! Great job on the 6 miles today!! Even better job knowing when it was time to slow down! Woohoo!!

It's not taking my sign in for some reason.

Lisa (Javamom)

David said...


I think you will find that your ponies will be ready to run through some wide open pastures once you open the gate and let them out...

ps - Good luck at the Wallow! My ponies will be shushing down the slopes of Steamboat!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Vic -nice pacing on the run. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Vic just a suggestion at the BW. Walk fast up the steepest hill it will save you energy for the rest of the course. Matt W.....

Day Dreamer said...

Great to know I'll see you out there this Saturday at the Wallow. I'm a little unsure myself how my legs and lungs will handle trying to run hard for almost 4 miles either, but I guess that's what the races are there for.... to test you.
Good luck man! See you there!

Anonymous said...

I like when I start seeing things like "easy 6", that's progress in the making right there!


Anonymous said...

Fladdie advised last night that the Wallow course is pretty near under water. Is this something you could check on conveniently?