Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another debut for me!!!

Today was a huge milestone in my running career. It was my first post-marathon, 3.69 mile run. I'll never forget it. Acutally, the run wasn't the best part of the morning although George and I were feeling pretty frisky, bringing it home in 12:52 average pace. Let me tell you about the best part of the morning.

Imagine all the good stuff you see on the shelves at Whole Foods and all the selection of good and healthy food from Central Market. Then take all that good healthy whole food and prepare every imaginable breakfast/brunch food you could possibly eat. Then put it all out on a huge buffet and serve fresh ground organic coffee, hot tea made from a custom blend of fresh tea leaves mixed right at your table. Then add an omlette bar and use fresh EVOO instead of butter to grease the pan and add turkey, fresh veggies, and cheese. Oh, and offer fresh egg whites if your watching your fat and cholesterol. Put all that and more together and you've got my new favorite breakfast restaraunt, Sandy's Produce Market & Vitamins.

That's right. It's a grocery store. I laughed when I waslked in because Catherine is always admonishing that when you shop at the grocery store, stay to the outside aisles, around the perimeter of the store. Well, at Sandy's THAT's where ALL the groceries are and the center of this open-spaced store is taken up by dining tables the food islands. When I tell you that is is the most healthy assortment of fresh foods I've ever seen presented, I'm not kidding. At first, I was watching my choices but it got to where EVERYTHING I chose was completely healthy so I just quit worrying about it and ate. I highly recommend this restaraunt. I don't remember but I think they serve lunch and dinner too. Oh, and get this. $8.50. I still don't believe that.

The run? Well, let me just say it was hard to hold back. After begin off my feet as much as possible and only running 2 miles on Thursday, I was feeling pretty good today. And the weather was absolutely perfect for running. I took it reasonably easy but still managed what felt like an effortless 12:52 pace. But, easy does it now. I'm still recovering so don't look for that kind of running until another week or so has passed.

Venue - Cullen Park (with 20+ Striders aboard)
Total distance - 3.69 miles
Time - 47:43
Average pace - 12:52

May run again tomorrow, very easy. Or, may do a little bike ride. Or, I may just walk. Or, I may do some laps in the pool. We'll see.

Party tonight at Pony's!!! Woohoo!!!

Oh, and welcome new Striders!!!


David said...


I have an unrelated question for you (I am asking because I know you are so resourceful when it comes to this type of thing) ...

My Garmin is completely blank. I cannot turn it on. Just a blank have any suggestions? I think you blogged about something like this before...I will dig in your archives! Thanks Bud!

ps - Sandy's is AWESOME!!

Steve Bezner said...

David, make sure your battery is charged. :)

David said...

Good tip Steve!!

Vic...I got it sorted. I need to hold down "reset" and "mode" at the same time, then I need to hit "power" and then I release and wait for it to magically turn on (i had to wait ~ 3-5 seconds)!! And it Did!! Sweet!

ps - Steve, I will make that comment up to you next time we do speed work... ;)

Barbara said...

Where is this place at? (hint - the correct answer would be Cypress....!). I'm guessing it's close to Memorial Park though.

Sounds tasty! I love Central Market.

Anonymous said...


Kidding. I-10 and Dairy Ashford.


JustJunebug said...

David said: ps - Steve, I will make that comment up to you next time we do speed work... ;)

Holy cow thats funny!!!!

Steve said...

I don't find that funny. David kicks my arse on a regular basis.

But it's worth it!

Running Rabbit said...

Vic good for you getting out there and sticking to something!

Jill said...

Ooooooooo! That place sounds yummy! I will have to check it out sometime.

Keep up the great work.

J~Mom said...

Great job on your after marathon run!!

I totally know what you are saying about what I did the last mile of the 10K. I wish I could find Mort and say I am sorry. I know better now. ;>) It was kind of like survival mode in my head at the time and the day after I know it was rude running behavior. (me blushing)