Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Now, I'm ready!!!

Well, yesterday was a high point in my training. I've been worrying a lot about whether I've done enough. I really want to get in top form for Sunday so yesterday, I strayed off my plan a bit and did a super-quality workout.

It all started on Monday night. I stayed up until 2 am going over my running logs, trying to add up all the miles that I missed for whatever reason. I thought this would really motivate me for my run that was going to take place in at 4 am. I was so surprised to know that I missed 10 or so runs since June and cut a couple of long runs short. I was also surprised to see that I walked a little on some of my runs so I really needed to push it hard to make up for that.

So, even though the plan called for 3 easy miles, I decided to do 13. And since that's so close to 13.1, I figured I'd just do a half marathon time trial. Fortunately, the weather was cool so I thought I could push a sub-13 minute pace and PR for the half marathon distance. That would be good practice for Sunday.

The run was great. I felt better than I've felt all year. This taper thing is AWESOME!!! I ran a 2:49:12, a 12:55 pace. WOOHOO!!! I was really hurtin' those last 3 miles but was able to hold on and finish with a big PR. My knee and right ankle are really hurting right now and my quads are still burning. It's a strange feeling. Not like any pain I've experienced before. Must have been an awesome run!! Oh, and to be sure I'm ready for Sunday, I ran the run on concrete. I wanted to really get a feel for what Sunday's going to be like. I'm so gonna rock the marathon.

To celebrate my great workout, I stopped at my favorite mexican restaraunt for some cheesy enchaladas. Since I burned all those calories earlier, I figured a little extra cheese wouldn't hurt. Also, I hear Christy and Steve talking about maragaritas and how good they are. I don't really drink but I was curious so I had a few. Boy, did I feel great after that. Bring on the marathon.

I saw my trainer at the gym last night when I took the kiddo to basketball practice and she said that since I've been concentrating on running so much and not doing any strength training that it would be a good idea to get 2 or 3 good, hard lifting workouts in before Sunday. I went ahead and scheduled 3 sessions with her, since I get a discount for paying for 3 sessions at a time. We're scheduled to pump it up on Wednesday, Thursday, and then Saturday so that I can really be strong going into Sunday's race. I thought I'd do Saturday's session AFTER pasta loading since I'll be full of energy. That should really get me in good shape by Sunday morning.

Well, I've done so well with my diet the past week, I think I'll have McDonald's for lunch today. I deserve it. Mmmmmm...Fil-A-o'Fish sandwiches. How 'bout that, Homer?

Rock on!


JustJunebug said...

This blog is a dream.

Surely this did not happen. 13.1 miles ON CONCRETE days before a marathon AND margaritas.

I dont believe this.

TX Runner Girl said...

Ummm, surely ye jest. Or did I miss 2 months and it's really April Fool's Day?

Humble Runner said...

I agree with June.... this has to be a DREAM!

I've already had the running coach wag his finger at me. Don't make him shake his fist at you.

Steve said...

That's pretty funny Vic.

I'll be waiting for your happy arse at the finish line!

Anonymous said...

Cool, Dude! Extra miles just before the marathon is definitely the ticket - builds confidence and gets all the leg muscles nice and limber. Trust you found hilly terrain and worked some strides in for added benefit.

I usually celebrate my marathons with a Jack In The Box Ultimate Cheeseburger but after reading your blog entry I think I'll blow off the Ultra Fuel leading to the race and substitute Ultimate Cheeseburgers. That filet o fish sounds good, though, maybe a couple for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Mmm...filet o ultimate cheeseburger.


Red said...

Let me get this straight.... The plan called for (3 miles) and you did (13.1)? I got one word for guys like that..... (Stud).

Very motivating, keep it up.

Barbara said...

Vic, have you noticed a trend? Ain't nobody buyin' your wild tale.

doug said...

Would've been better to stop at the 4th paragraph. Or say you celebrated by having 2 Krispy Kremes.

Marty said...

Hey Vic, just happened by. Good luck at Houston. My wife and I will be running it too. We will of course be bringing up the rear : ) Great blog!


Vicky and Dale said...

I was laughing out loud...once I realized you couldn't possibly be serious! You really had me going there though..."what on earth is he doing???!! doesn't he listen to Steeeeve at all???" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

J~Mom said...

Good golly you scared me!!! I was about to go cyber-stalker on you and find your phone number somewhere to call you and tell you to stop the madness. Whew.

Pat said...

Sounds like my training plan. Except, I would have been scheduled for 13 miles and cut it back to 3, cause that's where the Mickey D's is.

There are 2 McDonald's on the PF Chang's course and it is, after all named after an awesome restuarant. Maybe, I'll stop at one of the McDonalds, and pass the GU stop.

Arizona, USa

and if I don't see you, have a good morning, good afternoon and goodnite. And a great race.

jamoosh said...

You are so weak. Everyone knows if you want to replace calories and fat you head to the Burger King and get the Triple Whopper and don't forget to ask for the extra cholesterol...

And obviously you did not pay attention to your training. The deep fried filt-o-fish sandwhich (don't forget to add extra mayo) is to be consummed minutes before you being the marathon.


WADDLER26.2 said...

Hey Vic -just stopped in for the first time. Nice blog and good luck to you at Houston.

Jess said...

You'll do great on Sunday! Good luck!