Monday, July 13, 2009

Indecent exposure

After a great visit with Catherine this morning (we got some things straight and set some new goals), I headed over to the park for my run. Today was P day which for In Flight means pick up the pace. It's really flexible. Do a tempo, or some pickups, or a fartlek, whatever, just spend some time in the "next" gear. I opted for a little tempo work.

After a mile warmup, I did some stretching and got some water. Then after another .5, I went right into my tempo gear. For me, the tempo run is as much about pacing and consistency as it is about running at a higher effort. Too fast, and you burn out (which I've done many times). Too slow and you don't get the benefit of training right at threshold. I dropped my pace to ~5K + 30 seconds and gradually eased it on down to finish right around 5K + 10. None of that is too scientific but I held my pace and even picked it up a little over the 2nd mile. I did a half mile cool down and took it on in.

Oh, the indecent exposure...Well, after I was done with my 2 tempo miles, I knew I had a little cooldown left. It was really starting to get hot. I don't know what in the world I was thinking but I just took my shirt off and it was good...and bad...and of course, ugly. The good? Well, it took my mind off of how tired I was and set my running on auto pilot. I wasn't thinking about running. I was thinking about how much I was jiggling and whether or not I should have worn sunscreen and how heavy my sweat drenched shirt was to carry and how I wanted to just throw it to the side and pick it up later. Another good thing is it definitely was cooler. Now, the bad...and the ugly...they kind of all go together. Well, suffice it to say, a man with my physique has no business running without a shirt. PERIOD!!! But Like SteveB always refers to running Memorial's running SHAMELESS!!!

34 miles for June so far.

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