Friday, July 03, 2009

Even for June

I'm not ready to call June a setback or a failure. Some would say if you ain't moving forward, then you're moving backwards. If I did lose ground it wasn't a total retreat and the damage was minimal.

The following is not meant to be a list of excuses. It's just the facts and represents my one last area that I have yet to conquer, how to keep eating healthy and get my exercise, even when life does not go according to plan. As June kicked off, Jan had a planned 2-day work trip to California which had me doing Mr. Mom for a couple days. Unfortunately, when Jan was at the airport, she got a call the he dad had taken very ill and was in the hospital. Jan had to go there to support the family and to see her dad through his ordeal and she ended up being gone about 2 weeks. I missed a bunch of runs and didn't eat very well those weeks. Then, I joined a bunch of Junior High kids for a week as a counselor for our church's Beach Retreat. I basically ate like CRAP the whole week. I promise, if I don't ever see another Oreo cookie as long as I live, that will be fine with me. I wanted to do some running on the beach while I was there but I put it off every day saying I'd do it tomorrow. I never did.

What saved me was I did manage to run ALL of my long runs for the month and did manage to squeeze in 40 miles for the month, down from 61 in May. The scale showed that I had put on a couple of pounds but I think a lot of it was just eating salty food and not exercising. Believe me, had it been a total meltdown, which it wasn't, I could have packed on 10-12 pounds last month.

I'm not going to beat myself up. I've decided that. I'm back on track and had a good week running. My weight is already after eating good for that last week or 10 days, back to what it was June 1. I had an awesome 7.5 miles last week and tomorrow I'm going to tackle what will be my first race since falling completely off the wagon back in October, 2007. So, basically, I missed an opportunity to really progress in June and drop another 10-12 pounds. But it could have been worse. Let's just call it even. Bring on July!!!

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