Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rest/Recovery Day

Christ is risen!!! Praise him

This afternoon, after the deluge and an AWESOME lunch at Mom and Dad's, I headed over to the park for a short recovery jog. Oh, speaking of lunch, Mom did me right. Despite some favorites like homemade mac and cheese, bar-b-q sausage, and hot bread and butter, I was good as Mom cooked some bar-b-q chicken with no skin and a nice sweet potato JUST FOR ME!!! Thanks, Mom. I appreciate the support. Along with the chicken, I had an avocado and plum tomato salad that was just basic avocado, tomatoes, lemon, salt, and pepper. Yummmy. I had a nice ear of corn, a thick slice of purple onion and some Molly McButter on the sweet potato, NO BUTTER!!! We rounded the meal out with dessert...FRESH CANTALOUPE!!! I must say, I enjoyed this meal as much as I would one of the "other" kind. :)

I had an easy 1 mile recovery jog on the schedule for today. It was absolutely a beautiful afternoon after the rain. I didn't want to be out there for just 14 minutes so I tacked on a 1 mile walk. I did a jog out and a walk back for ~34 minutes of exercise. I continue to feel good. I know my ankle is still weak but I'm not having any pain while running or after. It's not easy to not say, "Forget this...I'm running!!!" I could have easily done 3 miles today. But I did 3.5 yesterday and 12.5 for the week (including the mile walk today), up from 9 last week and that's a good 50% increase. This week, I'm shooting for about 13 miles, with some very gradual increases the following weeks.

I'm really thinking a lot about getting in the gym for some weight/core training. I'd VERY much like to work with a trainer but I haven't a clue who to use. I know the kind of person I want but I just don't know if I can afford the caliber of trainer I want. I should ask Steeeve who he suggests. I think I'll do that. Another option is Boot Camp with Matt and Bessie MWF down on the Bayou. My only concern with that (I won't know until I try it) is that it's a lot of extra running and hard running, probably a lot like we used to do with the Smartie's. I'm not sure I can handle that right now with my ankle and all. On the other hand, it might help!!! I could skip or substitute any exercises that I feel would put undue stress on the ankle. Anyway, I'm seeing Catherine in the morning. I'll see what she thinks.

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