Saturday, April 04, 2009

Love this community

I'm REALLY enjoying hanging with all my running buds, meeting new running buds, and just genearlly being around the scene. I sooooo need this motivation to keep going on this journey and PEOPLE is what makes it fun for me. We had a great group of folks out this morning for our unofficial PIM run. We had a change of venue due to the 4 Four the Park 4 mile race held in Memorial Park, benefiting the Memorial Park Conservancy. It's the first time EVER I believe that the park was actually "closed". I would have like to participate in this race but I'm just not there yet. However, it did give us PIMsters an opportunity to take in a new venue and I do believe that the group really enjoyed the change of scenery.

We parked at St. Thomas HS and basically did the loop along the Bayou from Shepherd to Waugh, plus another half loop. My Garmin, which is still acting up, said 2.4 miles. I can't say how PUMPED I am to be running with these new runners who frankly get up and out the door every day, not KNOWING if they can do this. Not KNOWING that they can run this long or this far. Then they get there and anticipate and actually DO IT. Their excitement is contagious. I love the look on their face of disbelief and pride...The sense of accomplishment is awesome and like I've said in the past, it motivates ME so much more than I as the coach can motivate them. I sooooo needed this right now. Thanks guys for letting me share in this experience and congratulations for CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

Now off to the Striders chili cookoff and kickball challenge. Eastside rules!!! Oh, and good luck to Cassie who is doing a half ironman tomorrow. Kick butt, Cass.

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TX Runner Girl said...

Vic, you're doing great!