Sunday, March 18, 2007

Recovering nicely!!!

The nagging pain across my foot that brought me to a slow stroll yesterday at mile 16 seems to have subsided. Just the regular "day after" pain now. The whole family went out for a lovely stroll this evening which served as a nice recovery cross-training session for me. We walked about 1.5 miles in about 25 minutes. Just what the doctor ordered.

I ate well today. No overdoing it. Rang up about 2200 calories. One day at a time, right? So, same thing tomorrow. I hate the ups and downs but I'm really feeling motivated going into this week. The doubts from yesterday seem to have faded a little bit and I'm feeling that there still may be hope for the Pig. I just need to get my expectations for training under control. I need to understand that this isn't November in Houston, TX and the pre-marathon buzz that was so much fun is just not going to be there. I need to just enjoy this weather and figure out how to get through these last few solo long runs before May comes. Fortunately, this is a good week to regroup as it's a cutback week. So, basically, it 3 easy days, a semi-long run, and a 13-miler on Saturday. I can do this.

Thanks coach and Bessie for the encouragement today. And others, too. See you out there.


Emily said...

Much better!

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