Monday, March 19, 2007

A Real Recovery Run

Easy 2 miles this morning at about 13:30 pace. The goal this morning was just to get some blood flowing to the legs and to get ready for some good training this week. The aches and pains leftover from Saturday are all but gone. It was a beautiful morning. Good to see Erin out there. Have a great day everyone!!!


L*I*S*A said...

Way to recover. :)

Anonymous said...

Remind me why you are running the pig again. It seems to be the root of all your woes. Have fun running again. There is an 8K this weekend and a 5K next weekend. Both are HARRA races. Skip the pig, you can play with the rabbit when she is healthy.

J~Mom said...

Sounds nice!!

jamoosh said...

Keep on truckin' Vic - keep on truckin'!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to get in a relaxed run tonight...Haven't run since Sunday's St Patty's 10K... :(

First time posting a comment, sorry for the delay! :)


JustJunebug said...

update this beoyatch!!!!!!! ;o)