Saturday, March 10, 2007


Working on one of my 2007 goals, I carved another notch in my spring volunteer schedule providing CPR/AED support for this morning's Bayou City Classic. The great thing about working these races is that is doesn't seem like work at all. If fact, it's a blast!!!

I got up in the wee hours and made my way downtown, WAY ahead of schedule. I had time to stop for a coffee and made it downtown to our meeting place just in time to see the sun rise on the foggy Houston skyline. It was a beautiful morning. After Dr. Bob issued our gear, I made it over to the start to talk trash with the Striders and check out the way cool centipede costumes. I'm still trying to figure out what Steeeve, Steve, James, Lou, John, Chris, and some others were supposed to be. They were painted head to toe with non-sweat-proof body paint. Some were blue. Some were red. Some were yellow (I think). I think they were supposed to be some kind of candy. Looked like Dots to me. Pony and Barb and company put together a dog sled centipede and were making the most interesting noises. The all looked cute. My favorite (sorry guys) was the snakes on planes centipede featuring Lee, Andrea, and Dusty among others. Oh, and I got to bring 2 of the snakes home for the kids to play with.

On the course, I had a blast, oh, I mean I worked hard. I was so glad to see my running buddy, Jo, making her spring debut after taking a break from the cold weather. She sure hasn't lost a step and ran a great race. Steve Schroeder looked shockingly fast!!! It looked like there was some serious talent out for this one with the winner coming in 31:21. It looks like everyone had a great day, and smiles, trash talking, food, and fun were in no short supply at the post-race festivities.

I had a chance to talk some to David and Jenny who were out riding and taking pictures. We were talking about running and David said something that I've really been thinking about. We were talking about improving as a runner and I was dreaming out loud about a sub-4 hour marathon one day many years from now. We mentioned what incredible progress SteveB had made and I wondered if I would ever reach the kind of potential that SteveB has reached and is still surpassing. David said something that I've really been thinking about. He said, "Vic, there's a runner in there and all you need to do is LET HIM OUT!!!" I think David's just come up with my theme for 2008. If there is a runner in here somewhere, I want to do whatever I can to LET HIM OUT!!! So, look out 2008, I'm coming out!!! Woah, hope no one takes that wrong.


WADDLER26.2 said...

You must feel good being on the other side and volunteering. It's a whole new perspetive and appreciation.

TX Runner Girl said...

Very good of you to volunteer today! And, hurry up and let him out already! :-)

David said...

It is always a pleasure to see you Vic! That runner within has already overtaken your heart and mind. It will not be long until he overtakes that 4 hour marathon as well...
Just runnin' down a dream!!