Monday, March 05, 2007

Piddly little 3 miles and a new fun route

The times I've run in my neighborhood, I've usually made things a little more complicated than they needed to be. I'm always making a turn and then doubling back or tacking on a loop around one of the lakes. That's fine and dandy if I'm out on an adventure and not really concerned with getting back home to wash clothes, eat supper, help the kids with homework, visit with DW, etc. Tonight, I needed something straightforward. Just a simple, Memorial Park-like loop that I could run and just get 'er done.

I think in running this route tonight that I may have stumbled on a pretty good workout and that I'll be running this a lot. The "fun" part of the loop comes at about the 1.75 mile point, just as I'm getting warmed up. The street starts this gentle incline that continues for a little under half a mile. It's nothing drastic but right at the end, maybe the last 300 yards or so, the grade increases just a bit and then levels off at the cul-de-sac. Makes for a nice little mini-tempo/hill leg and makes for a well-deserved cooldown that last mile. Here's a graphic of the elevation.

So, here are the stats
Total distance - 3.0 miles
Total time - 39:11 Splits - 13:17 / 12:35 / 13:17
Average pace - 13:04

I'm feeling pretty good, especially considering the ~16 miler on Saturday. Actually, I FEEL GREAT!!! I only did 3 tonight because I'm planning on 8 in the morning. Which brings me to goodnight!!!


WADDLER26.2 said...

Nice run with challenging hills.

TX Runner Girl said...

Sounds like a great route. I could use some hill work!

J~Mom said...

Great run on the hill!! I really need that!