Saturday, March 17, 2007

16 miles. Let HIM out!!!

My goal this morning for my 16 mile run was to work on managing my run. By that, I mean I wanted to plan and manage my breaks and account for them in my splits and work to keep the pace after the breaks while not worrying about "catching up." I wanted to keep my pace between 14:15 and 14:30.

I think I did a pretty good job and I'm pleased with the run overall. Towards the end, I got a severe pain across the top of my foot. I wonder if my shoe was too tight or something. It still hurts tonight. I'm hoping it will go away tonight while I sleep. Here are the splits. As you can see, except for the breaks and the last mile and a half where I had to walk to get to the car, I kept a pretty consistent pace.

Splits - 14:04 / 14:18 / 14:28 / 16:21(extended bathroom break at Post Oak Starbucks) / 15:21(water, stretching at Pilgrim's on San Felipe / 14:20 / 14:22 / 14:25 / 14:30 / 14:23 / 14:45(water) / 14:13 / 15:48(water, bathroom break at Starbuck's on Memorial) / 14:14 / 18:50 / 23:32

I'm really in a funk lately with the running. Actually, it's not the running, it's really just the marathon training. I'm just not excited about this one and frankly tired of worrying about it. Unfortunately and strangely, I didn't enjoy myself this morning at all. I don't know what it is. I'm just not into training for this race. I'm afraid that this is not a good attitude to have just 50 days out from a marathon but I'm just tired.

One of my new goals this year is to "let the runner out." I'm talking about the runner that I know is in me somewhere. I don't know how I'm going to tell when the runner comes out but I know one thing. I'll never see him while I still weigh 295 lbs. And I'm not going to be able to take off this weight if I don't have a positive attitude about my running or if it becomes a chore. Frankly, I'd like to forget about the Pig and just get back to enjoying running, doing some cross training, concentrating on my nutrition, and enjoying my Saturday's again, not spending the whole day in bed after hammering a long, long run.

I know I may feel differently in the morning but right not, I feel like getting back to basics. AND...I miss running and racing with my friends. I'm definitely more motivated when I'm running with friends. Guess I'm a social runner. :o) But these long solo runs and not training with anyone is bumming me out.

I hope this isn't too much of downer post. I'm really ok. I just have some things to think about.


L*I*S*A said...

It's not a downer post. You are being very honest with your feelings. I think sometimes it's crucial to get back to basics when it comes to running. You know what you want from it, so get out there and get it. If it means less concentration on the marathon, so be it.

It's in you, Vic, I know it. :)

Anonymous said...

That's a fine piece of running dude, you should be very pleased. Training for a spring marathon around here is good and bad; much better weather than in the summer, but tough to find folks to accompany you on the long runs. Long solo runs are another tool in the marathoner's bag that take time to develop.

Keep up the good work!


Pat said...

Here's a thought. Run the half in cincinnati.

It's better to enjoy your weekly running and run a shorter race than to hate your training just for a marathon.

In the end, you'll run better, lose more weight, improve times, etc. when you enjoy your running.

Either way, I know you'll find your way.

Arizona, USA

WADDLER26.2 said...

When looking at the PIG look at it for enjoyment not a time. When you put too much pressure on the motivation goes.

Emily said...

Hey Vic. I know you've been having a tough time this training cycle, and I have a couple thoughts.

First, two marathons so close together is hard on anyone, especially someone who is just starting out at that distance. Maybe it would be best to cut down to the half at the Pig, and focus on enjoyment.

Second, it is hard to lose weight while marathon training. Your body needs food to fuel your runs and rebuild after each run, and it's hard to deprive your body of those calories and still run well. If your primary goal is weight loss, and I think it is, you might want to try focusing on shorter races for awhile and reaching those weight goals.

The most important thing during ALL of this is that you continue to be honest with yourself and do what YOU think is right, not what anyone on here thinks you should do. Only you know what is right for you.

You're doing a great job, whether you're having a tough time or not. If running this marathon is what you want to do, then go at it with everything you've got!


J~Mom said...

It's not a downer, it's just real life sometimes. I agree with Pat about the half. You would already be prepared for the half and could just work at maintaining what you have done so far.

Your pace and everything looks great from your run.

I can't remember if you listen to music or not when you run? For some reason I think you said you didn't like to. Let me know either way and if you don't it might help at bit. I think you like Christian music (from the song you had on your marathon post) and I could help you pick some power Christian songs. :>)

Anonymous said...

Hey---I think you are doing great---FWIW, everytime I train for a marathon, I start feeling like what you described right about 6-8 weeks out from race day---the longest LSDs are still ahead, but mileage has been boosted for sometime now and it is getting OLD OLD OLD---hang in there---you will be glad you did. You are and always will be my hero. Hugs--Tate