Saturday, November 04, 2006

Now, that's better

Well, it took me until Friday to begin to feel just a little better after Sunday's half marathon. Actully, I started to feel feisty again on Thursday afternoon after a massage but put off getting back to running until Friday morning.

Hal's plan for Friday (originally Wednesday) - 6 easy miles. Vic's plan for Friday - 3 easy, 2 somewhere between easy and 10K effort, and 1 easy (cooldown). I wanted to run just a couple of miles at a little faster pace, hopefully to shake out any remaining cobwebs. The stats for the run:

Total distance - 6.0 miles Total time - 1:21:37
Mile 1 - 13:56
Mile 2 - 13:47
Mile 3 - 13:48
Mile 4 - 13:10
Mile 5 - 12:59
Mile 6 - 13:54
Average pace - 13:36
Temperature - 47 degrees
Humidity - 63%

The weather was so nice. Very cool and crisp. Running is never boring, is it? This morning I was reminded that when the temps drop, it takes a lot longer to warm up. In my opinion, that makes the warmup and cool down even more important.

So, I'm feeling pretty good. Although I mised a 3-mile run this week, I'm not fretting. I could do it today, no problem, but I want to be fresh for tomorrow's 13-miler. I'm concentrating today on eating properly and resting. Besides, our family has a soccer tournament (at least 2 games), another soccer game for the little one, and 2 basketball games (1 for the youngest and middle child). Fun-filled day!!!


TX Runner Girl said...

Wow, looks like a strong run. I know the cool weather makes things so much better! Have fun at the soccer games, sounds like fun!

Barbara said...

Oh cool! Glad you were feeling the love again so quickly. That didn't take too long!