Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Giving Back ... NOT!!!

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I would like the opportunity to give back to the running community. Well, that's not what I refer to when I say...NOT!!!

This morning, I seriously thought about giving back a mile to Hal who gave me 4 to do. But, at this point in the game, I ain't giving back ANY miles. So, 4 it was. Nice and easy. I seem to be recovering faster after these killer long runs. I remember after the half, I was toast for pretty much the whole week. Now, yes, I still feel like I'm in recovery mode from Saturday's 18-miler but I'm not sore and I felt pretty good this morning during the run. Here are the stats:

Venue - Memorial Park
Total distance - 4.0 miles
Total time - 54:50
Mile 1 - 13:53
Mile 2 - 14:05
Mile 3 - 13:40
Mile 4 - 13:10
Average pace - 13:42

God Bless!!!


J~Mom said...

Looking good!! I like the idea of giving back miles every now and then.

TX Runner Girl said...

After running 18, I probably would have given back a mile! :-) Glad your recovery is getting faster.

David said...

If you give a mile back, does it count as a charitable donation on your taxes?! I wonder what the value of that donation would be?

jamoosh said...

Keep it up. You can give and you can take, but what matters most is if you are prepared.