Saturday, January 03, 2009


Why is stuff cooked in butter so much better than not?

I breaded some scrumptious chicken breasts and had one under penne pasta and marinara. I cooked half the batch of chicken just dry with nothing in the skillet, just the breaded chicken. It formed a nice crust and frankly wasn't half bad. But I did the last two breasts in about a tbsp each of butter and olive oil. Oh, my!!! The golden crust was soooooo good. Can you tell which is which?

I only had a bite. I'll save that for J or the kids.

I just want to know WHY???


J~Mom said...

I think the butter is on the right. I know what you are saying....I have dry eggs a lot but then I taste the ones cooked in butter and think they taste like Heaven!

J~Mom said...

Hey Vic, Do you have Windows Movie Maker? I just dropped the pictures in, it's pretty easy! I am on Facebook. Let me see if I can find you!

TX Runner Girl said...

It's so unfair, isn't it??? :-)