Friday, January 09, 2009

The big secret

Well, I thought since I finally got the e-mail we've been waiting on, I'd go ahead and spill the beans on the big secret. It's sort of bittersweet because we thought the news would be just a little more positive.

Anyway, we have been approached by a production company to do a TV show about...well, about our family and our struggles to lose weight and be healthy in today's busy, helter-skelter world. Through each episode (yes, that's right. We're going to be a series), they bring in a different "expert" to help us along the way to reach our goals and shed the pounds. So, we'll probably have all our meals delivered, personal trainers, gym memberships, who knows what all? Then each episode chronicles our journey. So, basically, we get all this incredible advice and help and basically get to change our lives and hopefully inspire a few people along the way. They want to pitch the show to all the big networks, NBC, ABC, TLC, and some others so it's going to be a nationally broadcast show.

We've gone through several steps and just this last Monday overnighted some video footage of me and the family. The first hour was the Casting Director doing an interview with us, talking about our family and what we do for fun, our eating habits, our struggles with trying to lose, etc. Then we did an hour of other footage. Private, "tell-all" testimonials recorded in the closet, some footage of us all playing outside, me trying to fit into my mom's Lexus, and some other stuff.

So, the casting director finally got finished watching the tapes this afternoon and e-mailed us back. She loved us and thinks we'd be great. She is going to put her "pitch" together for the rest of her team and present us to them next week. The "only thing" is she's worried that they're going to say that the whole family is not overweight. She thinks they're looking for a family where the whole family is overweight and Steph and Ben are not. But she's going to "do her best" to make the sale.

Then, at the end of her e-mail, she said, "I also have another idea for you guys that I will discuss with you!" What's that all about? Oh, man, I can't stand it. I just want to know yes or no. We've been excited about this since mid-December we sooooo want to do it.

Well, if it works out, it works out. It's very exciting to know we may get all this help. I thought the news would be 100% positive and we could say that the decision's been made but of course, it's just going to be dragged out and there's just gotta be uncertainty, huh? We'll keep you posted.


Crosstrain said...

The world shall be mesmorized by those blue eyes. Either way Vic, you are a star to your blogging buddies.

Minken said...

Hmmmm...if I read that right Vic, the reason that you are not a "shoe in" is because you are not all overweight?! Despite not having a clear "yes" or "no" I would take that fact as 100% positive!

I have add "Vic" on my TiVo search engine!

TX Runner Girl said...

Wow, that's awesome Vic!!! I agree with the PP, I will have the dvr set! :-)

Jamoosh said...

Vic Kaiser - TV Star! I kind of like the sound of that!