Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The best intentions

Yesterday was a bust on getting my run in. No worries as it's early in the week and my schedule allows me to move Monday's run over to Tuesday without disrupting the rest of the week. So, I got to bed early last night and set the alarm for 4 am. I was VERY excited about how everything just came together as planned. I got the clothes ironed, the bag packed. I had breakfast and some water. READY!!! Then I stepped out the door and realized I FORGOT TO CHECK THE WEATHER. So, long story short, I got to work REAL early.

That means I'll be leaving work REAL early. Yipee!!! I've got to get to the park, get my run in, and be home by the season premier of The Biggest Loser. We'll all be gathered 'round the TV at 7 with our chili dogs and fritos, watching The Biggest Loser. Ha!!! Just kidding. Bob and Jillian would KILL me!

One of the forums I frequent opens a thread during every episode of The Biggest Loser and we all virtually watch it together. I've never participated but I think I will tonight. Or not. I don't know.

So, today or tomorrow, I should know more about The Big Secret. I hope to be able to make an announcement here and on Facebook Thursday or Friday. I so wish I could spill the beans but it would just be too disappointing if it doesn't all pan out. Of course, if it doesn't all pan out, I'll still let the world know what could have been and it's going to be disappointing for all of us anyway.

Back to work.

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Barbara said...

Facebook is addictive. I'm glad I don't smoke because it would be 2 bad habits together.