Monday, January 26, 2009

Not quite ready for prime time

I received a FB Message from former XC Relay Teammate, Joe L, asking me to join him and our other teammate Doug F on Wednesdays for some camaraderie and a group run. Now, Joe, Doug, and I are all...well, we're Clydesdales. Of course, I a bit more of a Clydesdale than those guys. :) Anyway, at first I was psyched at the opportunity to have someone to run with one night a week. I don't think though that I can hang with those guys just yet with my pace.

When I got to the park, I said to myself, if I can run < 15:00 pace for 3 miles, then maybe I could at least muster a 13 or so pace with those guys for a mile or so and then peel off. I felt great after a mile and was comfortably holding right around 15:10 pace. Around mile 1.3, I just crashed, totally ran out of juice. I managed with some walking to finish my 3 in good fashion and averaged ~15:50 for the run.

I definitely need to step up my nutrition, starting with a more robust breakfast. 1 cup of Special K and a cup of skim milk ain't gonna cut it. I ended up ~1000 calories below my target today and my target is about 1500 calories below my BMR. Trying to tackle a good, hard 3 mile run on a 2500 calorie deficit just ain't smart.

Regardless of the nutrition, I'm not quite ready for primetime with my running and not ready to run with the big dogs, I don't think. And to think, I was thinking about accepting the invitation to coach PIM. I think I may go in as a participant this Spring and then coach next Fall. Still, If I can drop another 25 lbs and get my runs down in the 14's in the next 6 weeks, I may be more inclined to coach. We shall see.

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